3 Ways to Sell Custom Candle Boxes in 2022

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If you live in the western world and are reading this right now, chances are that you don’t even think about candles anymore. Even if you did, you would be hard pressed to find them in stores anymore.
And yet, as we become more reliant on technology, there are more ways to consume media than ever before. And while candles might not fit into that category, the same goes for custom candle boxes. Why bother buying candles when you can just buy a box, customize it, and stick it in your closet? It’s not only a great way to keep your home smelling good, but it’s also a pretty easy way to create a new revenue stream.
Today, I’m going to show you 3 different ways to sell custom candle boxes in 2022.

Sell candle boxes for weddings

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to sell candles without first having a wedding. Wedding parties are filled with people who love candles, and that love is fueled by the fact that they are “supposed” to be used on special occasions.
When it comes to wedding parties, the demand for candle boxes is at an all-time high. That means that you can easily turn your home into a place of business and create a new revenue stream.
To do this, you’ll need to create a website or a landing page where you can sell candle boxes to the public.
You can either sell them directly, or you can offer them for free. If you sell them directly, you’ll need to find a partner, like an Etsy store, that sells candles and can handle the logistics of shipping.
If you give them away for free, then you can create a landing page with a freebie. Just remember that you’ll need to promote this landing page on social media, because you don’t want people to miss out on the freebie.
In this post, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about selling wedding candle boxes. We’ll also cover how to create a free giveaway landing page. What are Wedding Candle Boxes? Before we get into the details, let’s quickly go over what these wedding candle boxes are. They are usually small boxes that contain a candle in it. They come in various sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 5 inches, and they are made of cardboard, plastic, or wood. These boxes can either be plain or decorated. If you want to create a more personalized box, you can print your own image on them.


How Do I Sell Wedding Candle Boxes? The best way to sell custom boxes is to have a partner who handles the shipping and logistics. You can also sell them directly, but you’ll need to find a partner who has the resources to handle the logistics of selling. You can even create your own Etsy store if you don’t want to give up any profit. If you choose to go the direct route, then you’ll need to find a manufacturer who will create the boxes for you. This way, you’ll know that your boxes are 100% real.

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