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5 easy methods to advertise YouTube channel

I end up reading a new YouTuber overnight sensation tale almost daily, yet for the majority of creators, “going viral” is a bad strategy. In fact, going viral on the well-known video site may seem, well, almost impossible given that there are 2 billion people that are signed in to YouTube each month and that over 500 hours of video are posted every minute to advertise YouTube channel (no, those numbers aren’t errors).

Growing your YouTube channel requires competing against the vast hours of video uploaded by millions of content producers, many of whom have considerably larger marketing budgets than you, before you even get started. The hard work only just started after you clicked “Publish.” To reach the correct audience, increase your subscriber base, and experience true success on YouTube, you must go out and promote your videos and advertise YouTube channel.

Fortunately, there are still a ton of cost-effective options to advertise YouTube channel for the videos and expand your audience. You may achieve YouTube popularity without spending money if you organize your videos, make a captivating trailer or teaser, and do a lot more. Here are a few pointers we’ve gleaned from the YouTube community to get you going on promoting your videos and channel both inside and outside of YouTube.

Why it’s crucial to advertise YouTube channel

There is a lot of activity online. Without promotion, it can be difficult to even get people to know you exist, much less interact with your content. You should actively advertise YouTube channel to promote each YouTube video you share because of the following reasons:  Reach a vast new audience. Did you realize that the second-largest search engine is YouTube? That’s correct; according to Forbes, YouTube receives 3 billion monthly searches, outpacing Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and all together.

YouTube has evolved into a hub where users can learn how to cook a new recipe or check up with their favorite YouTube celebrity, with videos on everything from how to tie a tie to the most recent Taylor Swift music video. For aspiring producers, this means that YouTube offers a special chance to share your content to advertise YouTube channel with a large audience and connect with them on a channel they frequent.

Be heard above the din

What is the drawback of a large audience? It’s increasingly difficult to stand apart. However, by actively advertising your videos to advertise YouTube channel, you’ll increase the likelihood that they’ll be seen by your target audience, capture their interest, and expand your fan base.

Additionally, you’ll ultimately notice YouTube’s algorithm working in your favor when you promote your videos to advertise YouTube channel. They start to gather traction in the form of user engagement. Promoting your videos among the millions of others may seem contradictory. But in order for your target audience to find you, you must start somewhere.

Bring in more customers to your products and services

How often do you watch a video and then wonder, “Where can I learn more? By promoting your videos, you can encourage viewers to visit your website or landing pages again and discover more about your goods or services. Once there, you can encourage them to join your email list and eventually convert to satisfied clients. Let’s get to the exciting stuff now; enough with the advantages. Here are some free methods to go viral on YouTube through promoting your YouTube channel and videos both inside and outside of YouTube.

First-step strategy:

enhance and advertise your YouTube channel

It’s essential to ensure that each video is flawless before you begin to advertise YouTube channel to promote them. Naturally, this entails ensuring that the video itself is of a good standard and professionally made, but it’s also crucial to ensure that your videos are search engine optimized.

Recognize the motivation behind your videos (aka their search intent)

Let’s take a little refresher course on how YouTube (the business) actually operates before we plunge into the deep dark abyss of YouTube search engine optimization (SEO). Advertising is an important source of revenue for YouTube. In fact, YouTube will earn a staggering 28.8 billion dollars in ad income from the United States alone in 2021. Because of this, YouTube’s algorithm is created to match users to the videos they’ll probably be interested in, encouraging them to watch them for an extended period of time (and therefore watch more ads).

The “why” behind users’ searches, also known as search intent, is something that you as a creator must be aware of when making and disseminating your videos. Knowing your “why” will enable you to make videos that not only connect with your viewers but also perform well on YouTube. Consider the terms that your audience would use to search YouTube for your goods or services; you’ll need these terms in the part after this one.

Create keyword-rich, descriptive titles for each video

In addition to helping visitors click on your video (also known as click-through rate). A catchy headline is crucial for optimizing your videos to advertise YouTube channel. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind while coming up with titles for your videos:

  • Specify your intended keyword. One of the most important parts of your video’s metadata. The data used to specify what content is included in a piece of content, is the title. It is easier for visitors. YouTube’s algorithm to grasp your video’s topic if you utilize key words in the title.
  • Do you want to click on this? Try to stay away from clickbait-y names until you have a sizable audience. Because they could irritate both your viewers and YouTube. Instead, choose a catchy title that draws users in while they are looking while being accurate to the substance of the video. A decent rule of thumb is to base your decision on the title by asking yourself, “Would I click on this video?” If the answer is “no,” you should probably make a few additional changes to your title.

For instance, the title of this Downshiftology video is fantastic for a number of reasons. The title is intriguing and lets people know what to expect from watching this video, in addition to beginning with the target term “bento box.” Back to school and “healthy meal prep recipes” are two more keywords in the title that are likely to increase search traffic for the video.

Include in-depth descriptions and links

You need to have an optimal video description in addition to a compelling video title. For your goal term, a well-written video description can improve your placement in YouTube’s search results. Like the title, the description of your videos should contain pertinent information about their content in order to improve their ranking. Additionally, you can include links in your description to your website, blogs, landing sites, email list, social media accounts, and even other pertinent videos, as shown in the following example from the YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene: If less experienced yogis desire to learn more about the topics addressed in the video, she provides links to other videos in the description of the current one. This makes viewers more likely to stick around.

To increase your exposure and help YouTube comprehend your content, use video tags.

Video tags, like the description, aid YouTube’s algorithm in deciphering the content of your video. You can provide a description in the Tags box that appears when you upload a video. Consider tags to be keywords. Publish the tags that best describe your video. Keep in mind that on the user-facing video page, YouTube does not show these tags.

Click Control + F and type “keywords” into the search bar to find the tags. A new tab should come up displaying the web page’s source code. By including tags, you can improve YouTube’s understanding of your video and increase its visibility to relevant audiences.


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