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5 Ideas to Cost-Effectively Promote Your Shopify Store

Bringing traffic to the store is an important thing you need to consider after creating your Shopify store.  More customers bring more revenue and visibility. 

Everyone wants their products to attract as many eyeballs as they can. There is a myth that’s encircling us that promoting Shopify stores costs many dollars. However, it isn’t true, entirely.  There are many ways to drive traffic to the store. Here are a few of those effective ways to attract potential traffic without burning your pockets. 

1. Email Marketing 

Social media is ruling the market, still, Email marketing isn’t dead. Email marketing is very important for Shopify owners for several reasons. It helps in driving visitors to the website which boosts conversions. To make it happen with Email, there are a few things to consider:

  • You should develop a model voice
  • And design emails in a way that grabs consideration.
  • A Shopify agency can help with A/B testing that enables you to personalize the content for the buyer. 
  • To start an Email marketing campaign, start with shipping welcome emails, newsletters, retargeting window customers, and more.

There are several methods to make the most of electronic mail advertising. Start with adding an  Email seizure kind in the site that benefits in constructing the mailing record. Your few months in the market might not get you, subscribers, as you are new in the line without present clients. So, create paid social media marketing campaigns coupled with sign-up bonuses and freebies.

You can offer clients merchandise depending upon their website exercise and buy historical past. You can arrange a few product advice emails regarding occasions and festivities. Other advertising methods as:

  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Cross-selling
  • Up selling
  • Win-back electronic mail sequences can reap fruitful benefits from the subscriber.

 Primarily, use transactional Email sending performance to uplevel buyer expertise. That changes subscribers to repeat customers.

2. Social Media

Investing in social media is one of the most effective aspects of promoting your Shopify store. Showcase your products through those social media ads. Big brands of Shopify stores are already using social media ads to reach the potential people who are curious about your brand. These ad platforms provide refined targeting that makes it effortless for you to reach people. Don’t just stick with one,  use several platforms that include Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Here are a few tips to follow while promoting on social media: 

  • High-quality pictures and creative videos are vital to adding to social media ads. These catch customers’ attention and get them engaged to know about your brand. Make sure to post visually pleasing content   
  •  Social media platforms provide many ad formats. These formats varied based on the platform. Experiment with them to know what can work for you.  
  • Just posting them isn’t enough to monitor the performance and upgrade as much as possible to get better results. 

3. Live Chat

Let’s all agree on the fact that few people still doubt buying online. They have their doubts. If you can clear their concerns then they can give you the crown. However, most people might not consider calling or emailing you, as it kills their time.  That’s where live chat comes.  Talk to the consumers who are searching for your product pages, and answer their queries regarding shipping, deliveries, or the product. 

The best thing about these chat apps is that they feature a browsing feature. That enables businesses to view visitors over certain store pages. Then, you can offer them support or free shipping to encourage them to purchase. A Shopify store that has a live chat on its product page entice both owners and visitor to start a conversation. As these help in real-time, more than 92% of the customers are satisfied with this store’s marketing and support. So, just include a free live chat that promotes the Shopify store and interacts with the visitors. See who is browsing product pages, start the conversation, and answer their queries. 

4. Referral Campaign

 A referral program for the business is the best marketing tactic that allows you to reward customers to spread your message. Normal rewards involve products,  free shipping, discounts, and pre-order list priority. Your loyal customers need to be rewarded that market Shopify store and even obtain many consumers via referrals. That’s why this promotional strategy is quite popular for Shopify businesses. 

More than 84% of people trust product recommendations from their friends.  So, having loyal referrers is equal to having more sales. Consult a Shopify agency to know what referral marketing app is best for you. Now,  referral campaigns with the rewards as perks or points then share these with subscribers. Serve consumers perfectly, so they can refer you well.  also check here Having a hard time finding a job?

5. Paid Marketing 

Hands-down paid marketing is the best cost-effective marketing tactic that you can’t afford to ignore.  It not only brings customers but even gets sales. Strategies are used with the pay-per-click methods, so you don’t need to invest more money.  This is used over social media networks and search engine result pages. Paid marketing boosts traffic to the Shopify site and increases sales. With many paid marketing strategies, finding the one you need is tough. So, hire a Shopify agency that can work for the store and you.

  • Facebook Ads access brands to promote products by directly linking to the site. With the PPC strategy, one can find a targeted audience depending on interest, demographics,  and more
  • Google ads help in making more sales that promote Shopify accounts. As per Google’s Economic Impact, businesses who utilize Google ads find an average of $2 profit for every dollar they invest time. 
  • TikTok is a new app that Shopify business owners access in the Business Ads Manager. This helps owners develop in-feed video ads to promote products. Now, you can target ads depending on demographics & interests.
  • Instagram ads let owners promote products to a huge array of Instagram users. These Instagram ads are helpful as Shopify stores could sync every accessible product while even managing everything at once. 

Before investing in these tips,  review the current store and find which is best for you. Hire a Shopify Website Design Agency to get practical recommendations about your store. A Shopify agency can help in focusing only on a few things that are beneficial to the store.


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