Online shopping is convenient, quick and allows you to shop thousands of items from places far away from your home. In this article you will know 5 online jewelry shopping mistakes to avoid. At The Gem Tree, we want to bring you the best of both worlds. We’ll show you our gorgeous range of gold jewelry and allow you to try on rings and other accessories in person. But we’ll also provide pick-ups or deliveries to your home or office so that you can see the entire range for yourself before buying.
Online jewelry shopping can be fun, rewarding and even exciting. But there are many pitfalls that you’ll want to avoid. Below are 5 of the most common mistakes people make when buying online and how to avoid them.
Watch your online shopping avoid the top 5 mistakes and you’ll be able to make sure you find a beautiful fashion piece that you will enjoy wearing on a regular basis.
“Let’s get started …


Although it’s not possible to try on jewelry, we encourage you to see it in person. Is it well-made? Does it have the right size, color and style? The best way to find out is to ask the person providing the information in-store.
Online shoppers have a number of different options to consider when it comes to buying jewelry and they may be worried about missing out on the ‘trying on’ step that offline stores still provide. If a merchant’s description is detailed enough and there are clear photos or videos included in the listing, shoppers can feel more confident about making purchases online.
When you’re shopping online for jewelry, it’s very useful to know what to look for when comparing prices. A reputable online jewelry store will clearly describe the materials used in the creation of each piece and the dimensions for each item that is available for sale.
The product photos provided by the retailer are great to see the piece from different angles and to get an even better idea of size.
Reading the descriptions and looking through all the pictures of an item is critical to avoid many purchase mistakes. If you don’t have time for this, then please contact me for help. Otherwise, it takes way too long for me to do an accurate search for your items if you are not willing to share them with me.


Sometimes you’ll receive your purchase and it isn’t quite as you expected or it isn’t a good fit for you. There’s only so much even the best description and photographs can convey about a physical object. Which is why we always recommend that you measure your bed for a perfect fit before buying. In some cases, we can also send replacements if necessary. Just drop us an email at with the details of what happened so we have time to investigate!
Sometimes you just don’t need a return, or maybe you’re worried about the cost of sending it back to the seller. Here we’ve got some handy tips for when it’s time to return something that’s soon to arrive.
Zewar Khan Jewelry is so confident of the quality and range of our products that we offer a ‘happiness’ guarantee. And it’s easy to return anything, in any condition within 30 days of receipt!
Before you buy, check the return policy. You should feel confident before making a purchase that you can resolve the issue if your item arrives and it isn’t suitable.
Not reading the returns policy before you shop online is a mistake that’s easy to avoid once you get into the habit but it’s not going to happen overnight. Here are some tips for following that policy and actually getting your money back when something doesn’t work out as expected.


Shopping online means you can get a wide variety of jewelry. It’s great to be able to see so many different styles choker, earrings etc. and find something you love, but it can also be distracting.
If you’re like most people, chances are that when shopping online or on the phone you’ll see a product and think it looks interesting. You may even decide to add it to your cart without really considering whether it’s something you need or what exactly you want with it.
Before you check out remember these points about each item: Is it for special occasions or everyday wear? Do you have a particular outfit they will suit? Are they a fit with your current jewelry collection or are you looking to make a change? Do they say something about who you are as a person?
A good jewelry shopping tip is to always consider your purchase and finalize it before you leave the shop. This will help avoid buying items that you may regret later on!


If a piece of clothing or accessory arrives and doesn’t fit, you can always return it to the store where it was purchased. For example, if you buy a dress online and it doesn’t fit correctly, you can also return it to your local boutique where they will take care of you.
“Double check your measurements and compare those to the listing details to make sure you’ll get the right fit every time.


You should always read customer reviews about the products you want to buy. If you’re buying an item from a brand you haven’t purchased before It’s especially important to read online customer reviews from previous customers who have dealt with that company previously. This is especially useful if you are considering making an expensive purchase.

If you do see bad reviews for a business, look for a pattern rather than taking a single bad review to heart. Sometimes people can be malicious for no good reason, or they may be disgruntled customers who were never satisfied. When you read customer reviews, you need to remember that everyone’s experience is different and everyone has different expectations.


Stumbling upon just the right jewelry can make all the difference in your outfit. You want to be sure that you’re choosing just the right pieces for yourself (or your gift recipient).
Our unique, artisan designed jewelry is made from the finest materials and has been handcrafted with love and care. Take a look at our online fashion shop today, where free shipping in Pakistan is available.

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