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5 Things That Will Make You Look At Bond Cleaning Differently

Apart from whatever you have heard from other families in your neighbourhood who have performed bond cleaning on their own and the many articles that you have read on the internet, there is very limited that you know about it in the first place. Your only sources ff information have been a few of your friends and probably just two or three blogs that you have come across on some random webpage. You haven’t had any first-hand experience with it. Therefore, it is safe to say that you don’t know what bond cleaning in Melbourne is all about. There is a lot to learn here, there is a lot to find out. Let’s discover a few aspects of end-of-lease cleaning that are going to make you look at it in a completely different light:

1. You Can’t Live Without Vacuuming

You just can’t do without vacuuming your carpets, rugs, and runners across your property. This is a must if you want to get your deposit money back. Vacuuming lets you get rid of dirt, dry dust, mud, hair dangles, grime, and a lot of pet dander and hair as well. But the trick here is to move the vacuum brush in only one direction. Moving it back and fro is going to damage the fibers of the carpet.                   

2. Always Begin With Your Kitchen

Why should you begin with your kitchen? This is because your kitchen is one of the most critical rooms in your house that will require a major part of your attention. It is going to have several surfaces covered in oily grime and sticky stains. These sports and surfaces will require a lot of effort to clean. For example, your chimney and exhaust fan is going to require a bit of extra help from your friends and neighbours. It is going to be very difficult to get those blades cleaned up. Your kitchen cabinets will be another tough spot to clean given that they have been exposed to oily residues and moisture throughout your residence in this house.

3. Cornstarch Can Clean Your Windows Nicely

Do you know that cornstarch can help you clean your windows nicely? You can keep your window glasses absolutely stain-free with a little bit of cornstarch dissolved in lukewarm water. These granules are mildly abrasive and they help you get rid of a lot of stubborn stains and spots quite easily. You can also apply a bit of vinegar-water solution to your windows to achieve similar results.

4. You Might Have To Paint Your Walls

several homeowners find it very difficult to get their walls back to their former glory. This is because their children have shown their creative side throughout the year on these very walls. In such a situation it becomes essential that you repaint a major portion of your walls and get them back in shape if you want to get your bond money back. A single coat is going to be enough as per the leading end of lease cleaning companies. And yes, you will have to pay special attention to those corners that were easily reachable to your children and where they had written in length about their entire day’s “experiences.”

5. Toilet Stains And Pumice Stone

Do you know that it is going to be very easy to get rid of toilet stains with a pumice stone? Even inside the toilet bowl a spot where you find it extremely difficult to reach, a pumice stone can do wonders. Make sure to dip the stone in water before you start rubbing off those adamant stains. Do not rub it too hard on your bathroom surfaces. This way you will be preventing them from getting scratched.

So There You Go

A few facts that you had no idea about that can completely change your opinion about move out cleaning in Melbourne. It is not your regular cleaning and definitely not something that you do every day. It requires special effort and a lot of research. Happy cleaning.


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