5 Ways to Reduce Homework Stress for Kids

Children throw a lot of tantrums when asked to do their homework! Every time you tell them to leave whatever they are doing and sit to complete their assignments, they start whining. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can turn homework into a fun activity by taking it beyond the bookish knowledge. The renowned Abu Dhabi Schools follow a game-based teaching methodology in which they focus on teaching different concepts to kids in a fun manner. They play games and practical activities through which they make children understand complicated concepts. This way of learning is much more effective than traditional classroom training as it imprints in a child’s memory for longer.

During the Abu Dhabi Indian school admission, every parent has concerns about how much homework the school gives and what kind! They need to know this to figure out how much time they would have to devote and the challenges they might face. If you are also a parent and looking for ways to make homework stress free and fun for your children, read the tips listed below.

Tips to make homework fun for your child

Setting up a Space

It is significant to set a dedicated space where your child can sit and complete the homework. It should have a comfortable seating arrangement, proper light, and a positive environment where your child feels happy and productive. Try pasting some motivational quotes, fill this space with essential supplies, and make sure your child sits here only while completing the home assignments.

Stay Organized

Your child needs to stay organized as delays in completing the work cause lots of stress. Parents should keep track of the assignments they get from school, ensuring that they finish all of them on time to avoid the stress that comes from unnecessary delays. Teach them to prepare a planner and never postpone their work.

Plan Ahead

Staying glued to the books all the time or mugging concepts have never proved fruitful for anyone. So, it is vital to give real-life experiences to your child by indulging them in activity-based learning. For this, the parents would have to plan the schedules, making a list of all possible activities that they can play with their children to teach them different concepts. Then, see what the best Abu Dhabi Schools offer, and you can plan similar activities at home.

Productive Breaks

If you want to make homework a fun and exciting thing, you would have to give equal emphasis to leisure. Keep a fixed time in the day for your child to play and make sure they indulge in productive activities during this time. Avoid screen time at all costs, and focus on outdoor games with other children to get fruitful results.

Follow a Sleep Cycle

Children stay super active all day long, so adequate rest is essential. Plan your child’s day strategically, ensuring they get at least 9 hours of sleep. Keep a fixed time when your child should go to bed and similar to their wake-up time. Make them follow this sleep cycle strictly so that they are well-rested and ready for the mental and physical exertion of the next day.

These are the simple yet effective techniques to make homework a fun and stress-free experience for the students. Parents should also give much attention to choosing the right school for their child that complies with this vision and never compel students to do heaps of assignments as homework. Understand that getting stressed is never going to help your child evolve. So, focus on giving them a nurturing environment where they are least stressed about homework and more interested in doing the activities that help them learn.

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