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6 FAQs About Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System

Nowadays, a commercial kitchen exhaust system has become a vital part of daily kitchen operations. It provides safety that reduces fire risks, building up of smoke, and grease, thus, making a clean and safe environment to work. Also, the results of it will be happier customers. 

However, for many owners, the effectiveness of the commercial kitchen exhaust system is unknown. They have several doubts regarding its proper functioning and safety measures.  

So, here, in this article, we are discussing those frequently asked questions that will help you get the proper information about the kitchen exhaust system. Keep reading it to know further. 

6 Commonly Asked Questions Everyone Should Know About The Kitchen Exhaust System

How Often Should The Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Be Cleaned? 

It is very important to clean the kitchen exhaust system for its right maintenance. You might be wondering how often? Basically, the answer will depend on two factors: firstly, what kind of cooking activity is being done? Secondly, for how long in a day? 

Generally, the cleaning frequency should be at least every three months especially, if you have big restaurants where kitchens are frequently occupied for 24 hours. Mostly the kitchen exhaust used above the charbroilers, charcoal burning, or wood burning stoves are required to be cleaned within 30 days.

If you run a hamburger or fast-food restaurant, then make sure you get your kitchen hood system cleaned every two months. Besides this, the cleaning of the kitchen exhausts of the small snack bars and cafeterias can be done after six months. 

Furthermore, the kitchen hood system used over appliances like steam kettles and soup vats which don’t cause any grease can be cleaned in a year.

What Exactly Does A Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Do?

The kitchen hood system is installed directly above the cooking appliances. It is equipped with a fan that sucks up all the fat, grease, and oil particles coming out of the kitchen equipment. The entire contaminated air is discharged outside through the ductwork of the exhaust system while purifying the air. 

Make sure that the kitchen exhausts are fitted with the “make-up” air device that pulls the fresh air from outside and replaces the impure air. 

Which Commercial Exhaust Fan Is Best For The Kitchen?

A Kitchen Exhaust Fan is very essential to operate restaurants, cafes, etc. The function of this appliance is to remove grease, steam, and hot air which can accumulate on the kitchen walls and ceilings. Thus, assuring fresh air circulates inside the room. 

However, when you are choosing the commercial kitchen exhaust fan for your place, do consider the main factors. These include: 

Energy Efficiency: This is a vital factor as a high-quality fan can reduce the electricity bill. It is well-equipped with an on/off timer to save electricity. Additionally, this appliance has humidity sensors that automatically turn on the fan only when there is moisture in the room. Most importantly, it has motion sensors too which turn off the fan when one left the place. 

Placement: Considering where to place the kitchen exhaust fan plays a huge role in removing the inside air. Wall-mounted fans are most suitable to install on the external walls of your restaurants or cafes. It allows the air inside of the room to exit directly through a fan itself. This appliance is the right choice if your kitchen is on the first floor as it is hard to let out the air through the roof. 

However, if your kitchen area is very congested, then go for the inline exhaust fan. It is directly attached to the ductwork of the kitchen hood system which removes the inside contaminated air outside of the space. Thus, preventing poor ventilation. 

Sound Level: Do not overlook this factor as most fans are very loud that they can impact the working environment. So, if you want a noise-free workplace, then an exterior exhaust fan is the best option as it is installed on outside walls. Its noise level is 1.0 sones or less.

Why Having A Proper Installation Of The Kitchen Exhaust System So Important?

The right installation of the kitchen exhaust system is very important as it provides many benefits. It prevents the mixing of the odor of stale food in the air.

In addition, it reduces the chances of the grease sticking to other kitchen appliances or decors of the restaurant or cafe. Thus making your place look clean.

The consequences will be better productivity of the staff and more customer traffic to your business. Moreover, preventing the air from accumulating too much grease can also reduce the risks of fire accidents in the kitchen.  

Keep in mind that always get your kitchen exhaust system well-installed by the professionals only as it assures its proper functioning for a longer time. 

What Do We Need To Maintain The Kitchen Exhaust System?

To ensure the effective work efficiency of the Kitchen exhaust system, you should consider proper maintenance. From high-quality restaurants to small ones, there are different requirements for maintaining different kinds of ventilation solutions. 

Some easy tricks can help you maintain all your kitchen hood systems. Make sure the proper installation of access panels and hinge kits. Also, ensure that they can be easily removed when repairing any part of the appliance.

Besides this, if you find any damage to hood filters, do replace them immediately. The negligence can lead to an accidental fire occurring. 

What NFPA 96 Standards Are And How To Implement Them?

Being responsible as a restaurant owner is very necessary. Therefore, it is a must to learn the correct information about NFPA 96 Standards. This is a set of fire safety rules related to the installation, maintenance, design, and operation of the commercial kitchen exhaust system. 

Every business owner should read and follow all the criteria to keep their place protected. Consequently, it will also ensure the safety of the workers. 

Summing Up

We tried our best to list down the most commonly asked questions about the kitchen exhaust system. It will definitely help you select the right hoods and exhaust fans in your commercial kitchens. 

Additionally, with the proper installation and maintenance, you can increase the work efficiency of the appliances. Most importantly, it will also assure your and the staff’s safety. 

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