6 Surprisingly Well-Educated Rock Stars

Does a renowned rock star get higher education? Some people think that rock stars do not get higher education. They have the image of their glamorous life. It is surprising to know that there are many well-educated rock stars around the globe. Many musicians have graduated from prestigious institutes. It is not easy to manage a degree along with the music.

To be successful, it is necessary to give the best of you to satisfy the audience. There are many times in their lives when they become unable to manage. To overcome this issue, they can get the help of a Phd dissertation help Uk. The writers can help them to overcome the problems they are encountering. In this way, they can manage both careers and studies.

According to (Janks, 2014), it is predominant to complete higher education. Being famous is not everything. Education makes you competent and confident in this competitive world. Many renowned rock stars possess good writing skills. To polish their skills, they can provide services to online dissertation writers. Many rock stars around the globe had continued education throughout their career. Few of them are famous in this regard. They include


  • Rivers Cuomo:

Rivers Cuomo is one of the well-educated rock stars. He is a singer, musician, and songwriter. Besides it, he is a vocalist, pianist, and songwriter of the rock band Weezer. After his successful albums, he enrolled himself in the most prestigious university.

Rivers Cuomo graduated from Harvard University. Applied to Harvard University during his visit to the campus. He graduated from Harvard University in 2008. Did a bachelor’s degree in English. Went to the university late. 

He did not go to university right after college.  they strived hard to get popularity in the world of music. Rivers Cuomo got the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, 61st Annual Grammy Awards, 59th Annual Grammy Awards, 51st Annual Grammy Awards, and 48th Annual Grammy Awards. People know Rivers Cuomo for his effective albums. He entertained them in his era. His name is present in one of the well-educated rock stars.


  • Duff McKagan:

Duff McKagan was born on 5 February 1964. He is an American multi-instrumentalist. He was a singer, songwriter, and as well as author. In his childhood, he got enrolled in Roosevelt High School. He joined Eckstein Middle School to study from Grade 6 to 8.

He did his intermediate from Santa Monica College. For his higher education, he got enrolled at Seattle University. He is famous as one of the well-educated rock stars all around the globe.

  • Jim Morrison:

Jim Morrison was born on 8 December 1943. Was an American singer, songwriter, and poet. Very popular and intelligent in his era. He had an IQ of 49. Besides; he earned 88 percent total school in his school. Attended George Washington High School in Alexandria.

He studied film at UCLA. Before getting admission to UCLA, he attended Florida State University in Tallahassee. At Florida State University, Jim Morrison studied art and psychology. He was a genius in his time. He was also a poet. His name is recorded in one of the people with the highest IQ level ever.

  • Dexter Holland:

Dexter Holland was born on 29 December 1965. He is an American singer who is a songwriter, guitarist, and lead vocalist. Dexter earned three degrees from USC. In addition to this, he got his Ph.D. in molecular biology. His achievements in academics are evidence of his continuous struggle.

He launched a brand of hot sauce known as Gringo Bandito in 2004. The hot sauce is now available in 500 restaurants. It is also available in 7000 supermarkets. His launch of hot sauce has made him rich. Thus he has earned good reputation in academics along with his music career.

  • Greg Graffin:

Greg Graffin is an American singer. He is also a biologist. Like other musicians, Greg Graffin is quiet in academics. Has a master’s degree in geology. Apart from it, he has a doctorate in biology as well. Received the Rushdie Award from Harvard University in Cultural Humanism.

He was interested in biology since his childhood. He has a record of enormous research in biology. Passion for biology has made him famous around the globe. Hence he continues his career in biology with music. He earned a good name in music. His music entertains the people of his generation.


  • Thom Yorke:

Thom Yorke was born on 7 October 1968. His full is Thomas Edward Yorke. Is a renowned musician, vocalist, and songwriter of the rock band Radiohead. He is a multi-instrumentalist. He can play guitar and keyboards. Besides it, he is one of the influential singers. He is inspiring his generation. He left Oxford to study English and Fine Arts at the University of Exeter. Was good in his academics. He has a net worth of 45 million dollars. He is the richest member of Radiohead. Did wonders in the academic world instead of being born with a paralyzed left eye.


Many other rock stars are well-educated. It only requires passion and focuses to attain your goal. Rock stars must opt for higher education. Education teaches you the way of living. If they had not a successful music career, they could make their career well due to their higher education. If you want to be famous, always go for education. Dreams do not always come true. One can only try to achieve the goals.

According to (bestassignmentwriters, 2022), education can save the future of the students. If you are highly qualified, you can make your career. It will help you to earn your living. If you are not motivated towards higher study then get lessons from the famous musicians who had opted for education aside from the music. Education is an asset. It is the utmost duty of every individual to get higher education. 

It will be quite beneficial for him in the long run in terms of career and capital.


Janks, H., 2014. Critical literacy’s ongoing importance for education. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy57(5), pp.349-356.

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