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7 Best iOS Apps That Can Keep You Organized

iOS Apps

In this chaotic era, where everyone seems to be managing everything, it becomes hard to keep tabs on everything. 

Instead of carrying around a journal or placing sticky notes, an organization app may provide a more structured and centralized experience. 

If you are wondering, Well…. What can an organization app include?

Here’s your answer…

An organization app is like having a personal assistant.

From building a to-do list, scheduling your time to storing business cards digitally and many more, a good organization app can save you at every step. 

Organization and productivity go hand-in-hand.

The more organized you are, the easier it becomes for you to focus on the things that matter and to be more productive. 

And to achieve that level of productivity, you can either opt for your own custom mobile app development

Or select one from the best apps that can help you in this matter. 



1- (iOS APPS)

This app is the perfect reminder that staying organized isn’t just limited to one’s professional life. 

As much as it is important to complete a project on time or attend a meeting on time.

It is equally important to send someone a birthday wish or a card. 

This is one of the best organization apps that helps you to organize all your facets of life and too in a simple and easy way.

Its best features includes:

  • Allowing you to create a roadmap for your projects, so that you can track your progress.
  • The app can be accessed on a smartwatch too.
  • It can easily create and manage multiple tasks.

2- Microsoft To-Do (iOS APPS)

This app is a life saver when you have to manage multiple to-do lists.

Even though the app offers quite a list of features, yet the design is easy and highly intuitive.

Not only can you manage multiple lists but can also set reminders, keep track of personal and professional notes, voice recordings or even documents.

Microsoft To-Do

Some say that this app gives them the same satisfaction as that of checking off the completed task on a paper list. 

3- Sunsama (iOS APPS)

Trusted by the top most companies like Spotify, Uber and even HubSpot.

The Sunsama is the best organizing tool to keep track of your daily and weekly tasks. 


If you are a multitasker and want to plan your time more efficiently, then my friend this app is for you!

This app actually syncs your Google and Outlook calendars and you can also check up on your teammates and monitor their progress daily. 

4- Trello (iOS APPS)

This app is built as a project management tool for you and your team to collaborate, organize and monitor your work progress seamlessly. 


Trello makes it super convenient for its users to manage and organize their data for the day, month and even for a quarter. 

Being one of the best task management apps, this app helps you to manage everything from small individual tasks to large tasks.

It allows you to plan, assign, monitor and track progress of each task.

5- Todoist (iOS APPS)

Todoist, with its simple and easy to use interface, allows you to organize your tasks and also to stay on top of them.

It offers multiple features such as sub projects, recurring tasks, notifications, subtasks and many more to organize your day better. 


This app helps you to prioritize and assign the tasks easily but also the simple interface makes it easier for anyone to stay organized.

6- Get Plan (iOS APPS)

This plan functions like your work concierge.

Known for its intelligent organizational skills, this app allows you to manage tasks from all the tools such as:

Salesforce, Zendesk, GitHub, calendar, JIRA and email. 

Get Plan

The app allows you to save time and makes it easier for you to prioritize your work instead of just organizing everything.

It creates an entirely different workspace for your team and organizes all your apps in just one location.

7- Dropbox (iOS APPS)

Organization is not just limited to projects or tasks but storing of files is an equally important organization practice.

And that is where apps like dropbox come in to make the whole process easier. 

The storage locker keeps your files, documents, videos, pictures and many more so that you can access them anytime, anywhere. 


The best features of this app includes:

  • it can be accessed on different devices
  • It is one of the most trusted storage services
  • It makes it easier to share files and collaborate

The above listed apps are some of the best apps to help you organize your work and also to excel at it.

For most of these, app development was carried out to make your life simpler, they vary in features.

And it’s upto you to consider the app whose features are most relevant to you and for your work and make it a part of your daily routine.

Make sure to choose the apps that reduce your distractions, have a simpler interface and are compatible with the device you use. 

Explore all the options and see which one suits you the best. 

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