7 Best Juicers For Leafy Greens

Green and verdant vegetables are a decent wellspring of minerals, nutrients, and supplements. However, they probably won’t be as nutritious when they are cooked. By removing juice from verdant vegetables like celery, wheatgrass, spinach, kale, and parsley, you can get adequate supplements to keep up with your wellbeing. We have made a rundown of the Best Juicers for salad greens to help you.

A decent juicer can prepare your vegetable juice in a second’s notification. Thus, whether you need to begin your day with a glass of new green squeeze or have a post-exercise nibble after going hard at the rec center, our rundown of juicers can be helpful. You can investigate our rundown to pick the correct item with different plans and highlights to address your issues. Also, Get 30% off using the Froothie Coupon Code & save your extra hard-earned cash.

1. Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain

The Breville Juice Fountain utilizes a smaller plan with an outward blade sharp edge. It has a 700-watt engine with a speed of 14,000RPM, which can mix leafy foods easily. The wellbeing lock guarantees that the juicer doesn’t work except if suitably positioned.

The 1.6-quart mash compartment, three-inch feed tube, hardened steel cutting circle, Italian miniature lattice channel, and a weighty grade polymer body make this juicer hearty, practical, simple to utilize, and safe. It accompanies tweaked cleaning brushes.


  • Exceptional extraction framework
  • Abbreviated planning time
  • Inherent foam separator
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Sans BPA plastic parts


  • May spill now and then

2. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

The sluggish chewing juicer can create an enormous juice with the most un-supplement misfortune. The Aicok juicer extricates the best return from green vegetables and natural products, exceptionally mixed greens. It is furnished with an engine that discharges less than 60dB and an 80RPM component to decrease contact and intensity age. Pick the Best Juicers.

The seven-portion winding framework can open each natural product’s cell to separate all the juice, decrease oxidation, and separate it from the mash for guaranteed utilization. It has switch pivot innovation to keep the machine from stopping up.


  • Sans BPA
  • Simple to set up and work
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Safe PMMA material
  • UL, ETL guaranteed
  • Accompanies a cleaning brush


  • A piece costly

3. Manual Juicer (Lexen GP27) – The Original Healthy Juicer

The Lexen juicer combines a current electric juicer and a traditional manual juicer, making it ideal for squeezing verdant vegetables, wheatgrass, celery, and other green vegetables. It has a cool squeezed, live-protein chewing process, delivering a lot of juice and holding the most significant measure of supplements.


  • Convenient
  • Simple to clean
  • Adaptable
  • Separable parts for cleaning
  • Without BPA


  • Squeezing wheatgrass can be chaotic

4. Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer

The juicer is intended to deal with a few organic products, high-fiber vegetables, and verdant green vegetables like kale, spinach, celery, wheatgrass, and coriander. Look at Best Juicers. It has a calm engine and a two-speed chewing framework with a converse capacity to forestall stopping up. The treated steel juicer has delicate and complex abilities for different fixings.


  • PMMA, ABS, and sans BPA
  • One button dismantling
  • Simple to dismantle


  • who might cut food into little pieces?

5. Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor

The Omega juicer accompanies a tranquil engine that runs at 80RPM to limit heat collection. It has a double-stage chewing extraction process that decreases oxidation and holds solid proteins, nutrients, and supplements in the juice. The metal juicer is furnished with a drill framework that can compel the item into a tight chamber, struggle, and press the fixings to crush out the juice.

It can extricate an enormous amount of juice from a modest quantity of verdant green vegetables, wheatgrass, organic products, and vegetables.


  • Calm engine
  • High squeeze yield
  • Inherent handle
  • Simple to clean
  • It incorporates six spouts and two squeezing screens.


  • Fragile material

6. Koios juicer

Koios juicer is a sluggish extractor with a converse capacity button to limit obstructing. The virus press juicer’s speed is as low as 80RPM to decrease power utilization and intensity collection. The seven-stage winding framework can create the greatest of juice, and hold proteins, minerals, nutrients, and different supplements, furnishing you with new and solid concentrates. Here Best Juicers for you.

The juicer isolates mash and juice and extricates a lot of juice from leafy foods with minor oxidation. Koios juicer is not difficult to collect. The unit incorporates a digging tool and a brush for simple cleaning.


  • Sans BPA
  • Alright for kids
  • Calm engine
  • Keeps squeeze new for 72 hours
  • UL, ETL confirmation


  • We May have to cut the leafy foods little

7. Tribest GSE-5000 Juicer

The chewing juicer from Tribestcan gives the best squeeze while holding the most extreme supplements. It is a fantastic, sluggish juicer that cuts and pulverizes foods grown from the ground. This bio-fired juicer has twofold attractive stuff that utilizes dynamic energy to emanate far-infrared beams to postpone oxidation and settle the ecological impact on the refreshment.

It separates all supplements from the fixings, works at a speed of 110RPM, and has a three-stage chewing process. The Green Star Elite Juicer is made of stain-safe nylon and hardened steel cutting edges and incorporates homogenizing frills and forestalls obstructing and sticking of the launch framework.


  • Pressure change include
  • Adaptable
  • Pocket breaks
  • Cutting
  • Complete rumination framework


  • It may not be difficult to clean.

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