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7 Features of Fire Proof Doors

Learn About The Leading Fireproof Door Manufacturers

Every office or residential structure must have a foolproof fire escape plan. The fire proof door Manufacturing Company can begin the evacuation process whenever it’s necessary, regardless of its size, scope, or duration. They might originate from a wide range of locations. A reliable fire evacuation strategy must be in place. Since these occurrences won’t be announced in advance.

The greatest solution in this situation is using fire-proof doors that are highly practicaly commercially developed. You must purchase them from the top manufacturers in the market. It must be placed in the proper areas. Therefore, we at Stairway Studio are able to guarantee complete safety. For a large number of individuals, with a variety of high-quality fireproof doors. You may quickly browse our vast selection and purchase the doors that are right for you.

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We have premium fire doors in stock!

Stairway Studio is the greatest manufacturer when it comes to buying commercial-grade fire doors. Our affiliations are with some of the top fire door designers. Those who have unrivaled expertise in creating cutting-edge fire doors. These are something we take great pride in. We create commercial-grade fire-proof doors constructed. They construct from premium raw materials that are designed and well-produced.

We provide total support for the entire project, from developing the door designs to actually putting them into use. The primary factor in the remarkable quality of our doors is the meticulous raw material selection. Which is made by our team of highly competent producers.


  • Outstanding Standards

The specifications of a fireproof door determine how well it performs. Our team of door manufacturers develops creative project blueprints. Besides that, the layouts aid in the creation of distinctive door designs. We take pride in working with some of the top certification and quality testing specialists. In the same way, our doors are approved by top organizations and meet industry standards. Here are some requirements to consider!

  • Dimensional Precision

Fireproof doors’ dimensions and measurements are crucial in deciding how well they work. Stairway Studio’s staff takes special care to determine and sketch out the appropriate proportions for fireproof doors.

Every facility is important to us, so we work hard to produce goods that are appropriate for it. Moreover, we produce commercial manufacturing goods to meet the needs of every facility.

  • High Durability

Strength and durability are two of the most crucial characteristics in this regard. Always make an investment in solid, high-performance doors. It can guarantee your entire safety. For this purpose, the fire-resistant doors made by Stairway Studio are incredibly strong. It can bear force for extended periods of time.

  • Superior Performance

A fire-resistant door must function optimally in an emergency. Therefore you must assess the door’s performance before making an investment. Our fire-resistant doors can meet the safety requirements of diverse facilities. Thanks to their proper specifications, unparalleled functionality, and unrivaled performance. Indeed, we value inventive achievements, which is why we use production procedures that are tailored to particular industries.

  • Different Styles

It’s not necessary for the fireproof door in your office or building site to look boring. We produce them in a variety of styles, patterns, and vibrant colors. As a result, it enhances the appeal of your buildings. These doors are beautiful and gorgeous and available in a variety of styles.

  • Certifications for Performance

Our clients are the most essential thing to us. Thus naturally, we always give it our all to please them. Our fireproof doors’ performance certifications are crucial in such a situation. When creating these doors, we use industry-relevant standards and best practices.

  • Networking with Pioneers

The leading brand in the production of fire-resistant doors is Stairway Studio. As a result, we become the forerunners in this industry thanks to our experience, understanding, design proficiency, and installation support. Therefore, visit us right away for the best fire door installation service around!

Fire-Retardant Flush Doors:

One sort of door used in buildings as a passive fire proof door Manufacturing Company measure is to stop the spread of fire. It must be fire checked the door. High-rise buildings, commercial buildings, auditoriums, manufacturing facilities. Additionally, other structures all have fire doors as a necessity.

The fire-certified door from Stairway Studio is made from premium-grade basic raw materials. It is constructed utilizing fireproof door Manufacturing Company retardant technology. Moreover, it has many useful and effective features, including a beautiful finish, termite resistance, durability, and protection from heat, smoke, and flame. We produce a high-quality selection of fire-rated doors. They are exclusively for the purpose of ensuring maximum customer pleasure.


To make durable and long-lasting fire-certified doors, timbers are vacuum impregnated. With the appropriate preservative and fire retardant chemical for superior quality, it resists fire, anti-borer, anti-termite, and organic decay. Consequently, in our contemporary seasoning facility, treated wood is season at a control temperature. To provide the necessary moisture content and achieve dimension stability for the door.

Non-combustible sheets or layers are use as infill material in sandwich construction. After that, the sandwich construction is then hot press. With phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin and plywood (IS: 303) on both sides.

As a result, the hardwood fire-rated door by Stairway Studio exceeds all required standards for stability, integrity, and insulation.

In the event of a fire:

A fireproof door Manufacturing Company can assist stop the spread of flames and smoke for up to 30 or 60 minutes. When installed properly, they offer essential protection to everyone inside a structure. It gives people time to flee or call for help. Therefore, in the event of a fire or other emergency, external fire doors offer a secure exit. Fireproof doors can be utilize in residential, commercial, and office settings to increase safety for residents, employees, and visitors.

With so many different styles to choose from, including both traditional and modern looks. It is possible to combine design and safety.  Sacrificing aesthetics is crucial when choosing an internal fireproof door Manufacturing Company. The selection offers a variety of sizes that are appropriate for people of various heights. Minimizing the need for trimming the bottom edge during installation for a more rapid fit. For a fire-resistant door to work at its best, the appropriate fire-rate accessories must be install.

Steel doors and frame manufacturers are much stronger and more durable than the wooden door frames. Therefore steel is the most durable door and frame material because it is resistant to termite infestation, warping, swelling, twisting, and rotting. Steel doors and frames are the most affordable, dependable, and long-lasting alternatives to wooden doors. As a result, Stairway Studio is a forerunner in the production of steel doors and frames. Steel Frames and Doors are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.

Why spend money on Steel Doors and Frames from Stairway Studio?

Galvanized steel and stainless steel are the two materials that Stairway Studio uses. Therefore, our doors and frame designs are both simple to use and incredibly adaptable. The top maker of steel doors and frames is acknowledge to be our business. This is shock resistant and needs little care. Sharp edges and interlocking at the sites are no longer necessary, nor are welding joints. Consequently, the doors’ strength and elegance complement each other. We also have a variety of frame profiles, sliding doors, and rolling shutters that are specifically single or double rebates.


At Stairway Studio, we have a team of professionals who are equip to handle any of your fireproof door needs. Visit our website right away and speak with a staff member. Obtain help determining which shutter type is appropriate for your home. We’ll reply to you right away!

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