7 Tips To Help You Pass The TEAS Exam

Are you thinking to yourself about how I can get help for my TEAS exam? Well, you are not alone!

For various students, giving the TEAS test is a required step in order to get enrolled in their dream healthcare program. 


TEAS is short for the Test of Essential Academic Skills. It is basically a standardised test that is usually given by learners to assess their readiness for getting into healthcare-related programs. This may come as a surprise to you, but the TEAS exam is now a prerequisite for many nursing schools.


The exam comprises 170 multiple-choice questions that cover numerous subjects that students are expected to study about during their secondary education. Learners have 209 minutes to finish the test.


Reading: This section assesses your skill to look for key ideas and themes, details, and how you can understand the integration of ideas and knowledge. There are about 53 questions that you need to answer in 64 minutes.


Mathematics: This section tests your data interpretation, measurement skills, and your algebra. You will have 54 minutes to answer all 36 questions. Also, You will be provided with a basic calculator to use during the test.


Science: Various learners find this section the most challenging. You will be assessed on your physiology, human anatomy, physical and life sciences. You will need to answer 53 questions in 63 minutes.


English: This is the last part of the entire test which is 28 minutes long. To get help for my TEAS exam you need to score high in this section as well. It will assess you on language and vocabulary acquisition.


As with any test, make sure you are prepared so you can score high grades on the first attempt. Below are some tips that can help you answer the question: How can I get help for my TEAS exam in order to get a high score?

Make a plan

Making a plan might seem like a waste of time, but you would be surprised by how beneficial it can be. Making a plan gives structure to your studying method. It can be overwhelming when you see so many subjects that you need to go through. This makes one feel lost as to where they should start from. However, when you have a schedule ready you know exactly what and when to do it. 


Before you start studying for your test, it is crucial for you to make a plan. Try asking yourself the questions listed below:


How long do you have before you need to take the TEAS?

What study environment do you function best in?

What areas are you most worried about?

What resources are readily available to you?

What other things do you have to do besides studying for the TEAS?

By asking yourself such questions, you can prepare yourself for the challenges that might come your way.


It also aids you in scheduling time in order to get everything done. Furthermore, you will be better equipped to take care of your health if you know what you need to accomplish.

Never Cram Study

The Assessment Technologies Institute suggests that you should start preparing for TEAS at least six to seven weeks before your actual exam. If you have other responsibilities and cannot do six weeks, do not fret over it! Try studying as many days as you can as long as it is not just a few days.


When you spread out the entire preparation, it is easier to study and retain information. This is because cramming is never the solution to studying as all you will do is burn yourself out before giving the actual exam. 


When you spread your topics out throughout the weeks you give them proper attention which helps in retaining information for a longer period of time. Not only this, sometimes as you cram everything in a few days you might miss out on some important details. Hence, giving every topic proper time helps in going through each and every piece of information which is really crucial for the TEAS exam.


Try Giving a TEAS Practice Test

Are you wondering how I can get help for my TEAS exam? Well, no tip could be a better help than giving some practice tests in order to determine where you stand!


While you can study at your own pace, we would suggest giving practice exams as well. I will not only help you familiarise yourself with the question format but will also have you see the types of questions the test will ask. Furthermore, practice questions help you assess where you lie and how much further practice you need.


You can easily find the TEAS practice test online. If you want you can also ask for your admission advisor to provide you with some. You can also look for TEAS practice books in libraries. All of this is the help for my TEAS exam you were searching for.

Practice Your Skill of Time Management

Time management is vital to perform well in a TEAS exam. You need to work on your time management skills because the reason why many students end up failing is that they have various questions left unanswered but no time remaining to reply.


This is because each section has a limited time. Hence, you need to make sure you are not lingering on any question for a long period of time.


This is why taking practice tests helps in improving your time management skill as well. We would also recommend wearing a wristwatch to keep a check on time.

When in Doubt, Go With Your Gut

There is no doubt in admitting that there might be some confusing questions that may tempt you to overthink your answers. However, do not fall for this trap and always go with your instincts. Before reading the options try to think about what could be the answer to yourself. If your answer isn’t there in the option, you can narrow it down with the answer you came up with. More often than ever, our gut feeling is always spot on. Thus, do not question it and waste time.

Answer All Questions

If you want to answer only questions that you know the answer to, this is a mistake you will be making. Even if you are unaware of the correct answer, make a habit of answering all of the questions. Never leave anything blank. The best part is that you are not penalised for answering anything incorrectly. Therefore, try answering everything because what is the worst that could happen? You will still get a zero if the answer is incorrect or blank, but you can get a point if you end up getting it correct.

Take Care of Yourself

You are giving an exam that will decide which program you will end up going to. However, do not stress over it. You need to be more confident in yourself. On the last day before your exam, avoid studying the entire night, and get some sleep. Go do something relaxing or have your favourite meal to let out all the stress.


Now you know how to pass the TEAS exam with the seven most effective tips. Trust us when we say this they are all you need to get a high score and acceptance from your dream program!


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James Cordon has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. His passion for writing dates back to his pre-blogging days. He loves to share his thoughts related to education technology and business.

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