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9 Wedding Anniversary Cakes to Make Your Day a BIG EVENT

Anniversary Cake

Wedding day symbolizes the love and commitment in a relationship and the way it’s going to be the same in upcoming years. It also symbolizes the years of hardships you went through together and the support you have for each other. Celebrations of such ceremonies are incomplete without cake, because this delicious dessert can evoke a sweet and lovely feeling on your special day. But anniversary cake come in various designs, flavors, and colors. Everything appears to be beautiful in its own way among them finding the correct one for you may sound difficult. If you are in such a situation, read the below lines. It contains the nine anniversary cakes you can cut on your wedding day. 

  1.     Fondant Heart Cake 

Well, your heart holds a lot of love for your beloved. Want to show it through a happy anniversary cake? Then you can surely go for this. It has a smooth and silky texture and this can roll out in your mouth the moment you put it. So it’ll define the smooth and strong relationship of yours.

  1.   Rose Cake 

Rose is the queen of all flowers. When you decorate your marriage anniversary cake with the shape of this floral, it’ll show your eternal love. Compared to doing the decoration with white or some other way you can go for red roses, this will look so elegant. It can signify the beauty of your relationship.

  1.     Hand Printed Cake

Are you a lover of creative things? Or your partner? Then hand printed one is a perfect one for you. In this wedding anniversary cake you can design beautiful flowers, to make it more special just depict the figurine of the couple. This one will surely look stunning on your wedding day, so without being reluctant go for it. 

  1.     Monogram Cake

Is it your first-year marriage celebration? Then go for a monogram in the form of 1 anniversary cake. Every first time is special, similarly your wedding day too. It is the time you slowly start to adjust to each other and accept one another with the flaws and imperfections. This sweet can symbolize all those feelings in a unique way.

  1.     Vanilla Caramel Cake 

Vanilla and caramel together can give a delicious and lip-smacking dessert to celebrate your day. Your marriage can’t stay strong forever only by having love, it needs adjustment the most and acceptance too. With that, it needs your care, time, and still many more emotions to be in it forever. And this combination of two can beautifully express that.

  1.     Chocolate Red Velvet Cake 

Without a doubt, eye-catching red velvet is loved by large numbers of people. When you add a hint of chocolate to it, this will provide you with a unique flavor that is comfortable and delicious at the same time. That makes it an awesome choice for your special day. 

  1.     Rainbow Cake 

Want to show the beauty of your relationship to the whole world? Rainbows cake is always there for you. Don’t you remember the days when you felt happy just by sawing the rainbow? Similarly, this flavor is also a rare delicacy that shouts your endless love to the entire universe. So have this on your special day and enjoy it wholeheartedly.               

  1.     Metallic Gold Cake 

It’s not even hard to make, with some golden airbrush and sprays you can create it and celebrate your wedding day. Especially if you are going to celebrate your 50th anniversary then this one is a perfect choice. It can beautifully tell the golden years of your relationship so get this to celebrate your awesome day.

  1.     Couple Cake 

Sometimes you may expect an epic choice to enjoy your day. In this case, you can go for a couple cakes. In it, you can engrave the figurine or sculpture of you both to give it an extraordinary look. To make it more romantic you can decorate it with some heart or flower themes. Believe me! Your beloved will be in an amazed state the moment they received it.  

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Final Lines

The cake is the centerpiece in several celebrations. Similarly, this dessert can play a huge part in your wedding celebration too. So just read the above lines and pick one among them, then cut it on your special day to enjoy it.

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