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A first look at the Kaabah

We are so immersed in this world of illusion that we are unaware we should undertake such an honorable and sacred journey. We do not realize that Allah Almighty has granted us the opportunity to be here, so we should take the chance of our lives to be close to Allah Almighty. There are many things that pilgrims should pay attention to while performing Umrah packages November 2022. The first thing to do is not to show impatience in anything. The second thing is not to be ungrateful but to be as grateful as possible. Thirdly, we must avoid sins, so accept the journey only by avoiding these acts of worship.

The Most Important Rites of Umrah or Hajj

One of the many rituals of Umrah or Hajj. An essential aspect of Umrah or Hajj is gazing at the Kaaba for the first time and praying. Many people do not know how to look at the Kaaba for the first time and then pray. Scholars have written that when a person looks at the Kaaba for the first time, he will accept his prayers.

Therefore, at first glance, one should pray for what is good for the world and religion. Pray to Allah. Pray for success in this world and the hereafter. Ask Allah for honor and dignity in both worlds.

Someone once asked the great Islamic jurist Imam Abu Hanifa (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) what he should ask when he first saw the Kaabah. He replied, “Ask, O Allah! Accept all my prayers from now on.

Advantage of this closeness with Allah Almighty

At first glance, it seems very strange. Even when we see someone for the first time, we refrain from asking anything and keep looking. Similarly, when we look at the Kaaba for the first time, we should remember that it is a moment of acceptance. However, we must not forget to show respect for this sacred spectacle. We must lower our eyes until we reach the Mataf. Then, slowly raise your eyes and look at the beloved home. It can see that in this world, all earthly kings, however generous they may be, stop giving to others at some point. Their financial assets and budgets are limited. Umrah packages November 2022 is the best option.

Therefore, we have to pray with humility and sincerity. Prayer and supplication are two different things, and only prayers that come from the heart are accepted. Therefore, we must take advantage of this closeness with Allah Almighty to ask for what He wants.

Performing of Hajj and Umrah

In the reality of Islam, Muslims pray to Allah through their messages. His prophets conveyed these messages to the people of this world. At different times He sent various Prophets with specific messages, and each Prophet delivered the message of Allah as he was commanded. Each Prophet was given a country and a particular mission to protect that country.

In the history of these prophets, the last Prophet of Allah is Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). You were sent to the land of Mecca and entrusted with spreading Islam. The Prophet was given a complete book to guide the world’s people. This holy book is the Holy Quran. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) took this knowledge and gave it to the Meccans so they could live according to Allah’s commandments. He was an example for Muslims in all walks of life.

Best religion in this world

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty said Islam is the best religion in this world apart from all previous religions and entrusted it to the Ummah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). According to Islam, Muslims must pay Zakat on their income and perform Hajj and September Umrah. To better understand the life of the poor of this world, fasting is also obligatory for Muslims who do not even have bread and butter for a day.

Wrap Up

Hard times come and go for everyone in this world. However, Islam teaches us to be faithful and obedient to the words of Allah so that we do not face any difficulties in life. Islam is a religion of peace and teaches us to get along with our neighbors, especially people of other faiths. It is better to offer prayers five times a day in the mosque and during the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. It is a lesson of complete unity for the people of the world to strengthen the Oneness of Allah.

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