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A Guide to Buying Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Using a vanity for your bathroom can help in changing the aesthetics of your bathroom. It is particularly true when you plan for a bathroom remodeling. No matter what style you prefer, a vanity adds an edge to the bathroom for various reasons.

But how to choose the best bathroom vanity cabinets. You need to ensure that it checks everything off the list you have.

Here is a small guide that can help in choosing the right vanity cabinets for your bathroom.

1.Consider Who Will Use It

The modern bathroom vanities you are choosing should take into account who is going to use it and the things they will use.

For instance, when you are renovating an en suite for you and your spouse, you should remember that both of you might require to use the sink at the same time. So, you can choose a vanity that comes with a double sink. But if you are living all by yourself, you can choose something smaller.

Also, consider how the vanity is going to be used. If you use lots of makeup, you might need more storage and counter space for accommodating your items.

2.Check Where the Plumbing is Located

Plumbing is a part of the bathroom dictating where the affordable bathroom vanities are going to be placed. Making changes to the plumbing will cost you money and time. So, when you are choosing the vanity for your bathroom, plumbing plays a crucial role. A floor-mounted vanity uses the usual plumbing layout. But a wall-mounted vanity requires you to move the plumbing hookups for the sink.

It is not possible to move the plumbing. So, make sure you know where the plumbing is located before you get the affordable bathroom vanities.

3.Check the Obstacles to Decide the Size and Placement

You can always change the bathroom designs. But it can be a little difficult to change the doors and ways. It can limit where you can place the vanity. So, when you are deciding the placement, here are a few things that you need to take into account.

  • If the bathroom door swings inwards and bangs against the vanity, it can be damaging and annoying.
  • Decide if you want the vanity besides, front, or far away from the toilet. Make sure that you don’t bump into the vanity when you try to use the loo.
  • Another thing to take into account is if you will choose a shower with a door rather than a curtain.
  • The vanity shouldn’t make it difficult to navigate the bathroom. In case you keep bumping into things, it will make you frustrated and lead to bruises.

So, walk around the space to experiment with it. Use a vanity substitute to visualize.

4.Decide the Type of Storage You Want

One of the inexpensive bathroom vanities is it gives you more storage space. It will give you space to store everything. But before getting excited about the storage, you need to look at the sizing and space that you decided upon. Based on the space and the things you would like to store, you might have to make some compromises with the cheap vanities.

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