A guide to save your pets from pests

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A guide to save your pets from pests

Having a pet is a bond for some people. They are a big family in themselves. But this family also comes with a lot of problems. The worst thing pet owners fear is the pests they would invite into the home. A small lapse in the hygiene routine, a wrong route, can invite the pests to return home.

As one of the pet owner, you may have seen your pet’s little scratching in the middle of the night. This is mainly because they are infested with some common pet pests. The two types of pests can infect your pet and keep them awake at night. They are ticks and fleas. It will be most irritating and scary experience for pet and owners. They don’t just affect pets. Over time, they transmit diseases, leading to disastrous effects. You will find it difficult to identify them and it would be difficult to know what is infesting your animal. They are quite common to each other in the sense of irritability, pests nature and the diseases they bring.

To understand the difference and the method to eradicate them, you can call pest control Hyderabad team. They’ll help you prepare the exact plan to disinfect and make your house and pets to get rid of these pests right away. In the meantime, let’s see some differences between fleas and ticks.

Pet Pests: Ticks vs Fleas

There are mainly two pests that can infect your property. These two are fleas and ticks. If you have pets in your house, you would know that they are equivalent to lice for humans. They are easy to come in, but so much harder to leave. You have to remember those late calls to the vet when your dog can’t stop scratching and whining at night.

These not only infect your pets, but also invade your personal space. If you’re sensitive, it won’t take too long to get allergies. Some people have been known to go into shock or have asthma from these parasites.

Fleas can travel from place to place, but ticks remain attached to pets or even humans to draw food from the body. The worst thing about ticks is that you won’t even know they’re there. There is more to these pests and to learn more about their habitats, bites, behaviors, characteristics and the diseases they spread. Here you will find out what these pests are and how to devise an appropriate plan to eliminate them from your home.


Ticks are known to stay as close to the people or animal, and they don’t jump or fly. These little creatures stay in the woods and stay close to human habitations. You can find them hiding in rat burrows and bird nests. While fleas prefer to stay in the shade of tall grass.

The weather is also a decisive factor that increases the infestation of pests. The warmer the weather, the more likely you are to be infested with fleas and ticks. But fleas prefer warmer conditions over ticks. Ticks can also survive cold temperatures. You can also find them hidden under the snow sometimes too.


We’ve all had bad experiences with bites. Nobody likes him because of the trouble he causes. Flea bites are accompanied by skin irritation, rashes and itching. These bites are quite serious as the parasites inject the saliva into the skin and inflammation of the skin occurs. Tick ​​bites are different from those given by fleas. With them, you won’t even have a clue they’re glued to you. This is so because their saliva has an anesthetic that makes their bites painless.

Symptoms of these bites include:

  • Rashes
  • Pain at the site
  • Swelling of the area
  • Headache
  • Aching muscles
  • fever



They are oval, teardrop-shaped insects with a large abdomen. You can find them in different colors varying from yellowish to black. Adults are known to have a total of 8 legs, while larvae only have 6. They go through three stages in their life cycle: larvae, nymphs, and adults. Did you know that ticks are close cousins ​​to spiders? Isn’t that news to you?

There are more than 850 varieties of ticks in our world. Ticks like to move around and when they fill with the blood of a host, they move on to others. They like to taste human blood, but they mostly feed on pets, rodents and rabbits. Ticks are known to spread diseases such as Lyme disease, tularemia, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Lice or fleas

Fleas can be seen jumping on your pet and are often found reddish brown. They are often mistaken for fur or dirt on the animal. On closer inspection, you can tell the opposite. These parasites have a hard exoskeleton and tiny hairs that protrude from the back. They have protruding mouthparts to suck blood from their hosts. Fleas look a lot like ticks, but a bit smaller. They often appear to fly but in reality they have no wings to fly. It simply uses its hind legs to forcefully jump.

Fleas are not used to moving and try to stay in one place until they perish. Some of the diseases spread by fleas include typhus, plague, etc. They are known to infect others after biting infected animals such as possums, cats, rats, etc.

How to protect pets from pest infestations?

Now that you know that ticks and fleas are a fairly common infestation in pets, you might want to take good care of them. At the first sign of flea and tick infestation, take them to the doctor immediately. Leaving them unchecked can cause great harm to you and your pets. It is also essential that you clean the sleeping area, including carpets, rugs, bedding, etc. If your pet is used to sleeping with you, then you’ll be smart enough to take care of the bed as well.

Mainly, grasses and plants grown near the house are the culprits for these pest problems. So try to keep the areas in and around the house clean and mowed regularly. Leaving pet food or leftovers around the house or garden can cause a lot of pest problems. It will also attract wild animals such as opossums, rabbits, etc. thereby transferring fleas and ticks into the home.

Disinfecting the house and cleaning it from time to time can make your job easier. This way you can control the pests that enter the house and take care of your animals in the best way. You can call pest control Hyderabad to help clear things up about the pest that is infesting your pets. Their professional pest control services will help you in more ways than one.

Pest control services

Pest control services are a necessity in today’s day and age. With the growing population, pests are becoming more prevalent in homes and businesses.

Pest control services have evolved over time to meet the needs of the public. These services have been able to adapt to changing pest problems by offering new solutions for their clients.

Pest control companies use a variety of methods to eradicate pests from homes and businesses. These include using chemicals, traps, insecticides, and baits. Some pest control companies also offer preventative measures such as sealing cracks in walls or installing screens on windows to prevent entry from pests into homes or businesses.

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