A Step By Step Guide To Start A Successful On Demand Taxi Booking Business

How To Start A Successful On Demand Taxi Booking Business

Developing an app has never been an easy task as it requires fresh ideas and the utmost patience to stick by them through thick and thin. The development of an On-Demand taxi booking app can be regarded as the epitome of the work ethic you need to put into creating an astonishing application.

What Has On-Demand Taxi Booking App Brought To The Table?

The introduction of On-Demand taxi booking apps has been a significant turnaround in the customers’ lives and pick-up drivers. Benefits for customers are enlisted in the following points.

  • The customers need to spend less time waiting for their rides to book a ride before departing from their houses.
  • Charges of the ride are provided to the customers in advance.
  • The app shares the complete details about the pick-up driver that has been assigned the task.

All in all, the customers’ comfort level has skyrocketed since the commencement of On-Demand taxi booking apps.

Benefits Associated with drivers of Taxi booking apps include:


  • Limitless opportunities are there for the drivers in terms of earning in a day. They can earn as much as they want, and whenever they achieve a feeling of satisfaction, they can turn down their meters and call it a day.
  • Total freedom comes as a part of the parcel for the drivers, which gives them a sense of working independently.

Working Procedure of an On-Demand Taxi Booking App

  • The whole working structure of an On-Demand Taxi Booking App needs to be a little simplified so that the users don’t face too much trouble to get themselves accustomed to the essence of the app.
  • On opening the app, the users are welcomed with the registration page. The purpose of registration boils down to gathering accurate details of both the customers and drivers on the app.
  • The registration page is succeeded with the booking page, which helps the customers booking a ride for them with minimum fuss. The number of steps required by the customers in booking a ride from their pick-up spot to drop-off location should be minimal.
  • On the driver front, the notification of a ride’s requirement should be provided to the driver in an instant. The task of acceptance or rejection of the ride should be left entirely with the driver.
  • The following User Interface step is the ride tracking page. which permits the customer to track the driver’s live location and, through it, calculate the time by which the driver will reach the location.
  • As soon as the driver reaches the pick-up location. The user can enter the cab and share the ride-booking OTP on his phone with the driver to start his journey.

Vital features to keep in mind while developing an On-Demand Taxi Booking App

In order to achieve the benchmark of success you have set for your On-Demand Taxi Booking App. You need to incorporate some specific features. Let us dive straight into their details.

  • Geolocation Integration
    The first and foremost feature you need to include in your application. When the driver accepts a ride request from a user. He receives the customer’s exact location along with it. This is where the availability of Geolocation will come in handy. Through Geolocation, the driver can also plan out a route from the rider’s location to the desired destination.
  • Calculation of fare
    This feature needs to be added solely for the users’ benefit as it will assist them in calculating the fare of future bookings. Base fare, cost per kilometer, vehicle booked for the journey are essential contributors in fare calculation.
  • Notifications
    Pop-up notifications hold high regards in any modern app. This feature is an excellent source of rapport building between the customers and app handlers.
  • Payment Options
    Two things need to be kept in mind while developing this feature for the users.  Multiple wallets, debit/credit card, UPI, Net banking should be available for the users.
  • Ride Scheduling
    Scheduling of rides is one feature that has gained popularity through the latest updates and needs to be given weightage while designing the app. A sense of freedom should be provided to the riders by permitting them to schedule their ride and reach the desired destination.
  • Variety in Ride Options
    Variety in options for both cars and money should be provided to the users. Uber came up with this notion to make ride-booking from different categories of the app effortless.
  • Reviews and Ratings
    Feedback regarding both drivers and riders can be provided through this section of the app.  or you can tale the help of web developers.

    Required Applications, Consoles, and Panels to boost the chances of your success

    To keep your nose ahead of your counterparts, you need to include various applications, consoles, and panels for the riders, drivers, and admin. These essentials will provide the involved personnel in mastering their section and run the application to its best.

    Customer Application

  1. Car Renting:
    As you can judge by the name, this feature of the customer application allows the customer to book a car according to his choice, depending on the vehicle’s destination and charges.
  2. Charge Estimate:
    This feature provides transparency to the customers on the estimated cost of the ride they are about to book and the car’s arrival time.
  3. Panic Button:
    Assurance of a safe ride is what the customers are looking for, and providing them it by offering a panic button in case of emergencies will lure in more and more customers.

Driver Application

  1. Real-time Map:
    The real-time map provides the best route possible, making to reach to destination for the drivers a lot easier for them.
  2. Track record of the wages:
    Reports of their overall earnings daily, weekly, and monthly can be seen along with the mode of transactions.
  3. Uploading of Documents:
    Drivers can upload their documents for the verification process by using the application.

Admin Console:

  1. Dashboard:
    The Admin dashboard includes all the graphical insights, real-time data, and trackers to make cab-riding effortless for the users.
  2. Mark Green and Red Zones:
    Locations such as Airports and stations are put in the category of “Green Zone” to provide a hassle-free ride while services through some places are disabled by marking them “Red Zone”.
  1. Approval or Disapproval of Documents
    Documents uploaded for the verification process are made available here to be accepted or rejected by the admin.

Customer Panel:

  1. Vehicle Type:
    The customer is provided with choosing his preferred car depending upon his choice and level of comfort.
  1. Selection of Driver:
    This latest feature helps the riders select a specific driver from the past, making their ride super-comfortable.

Driver Panel:

  1. Management of Vehicles:
    Drivers have total freedom to manage their vehicle details, which they can do by editing the car’s number, a the model of the car, and the car color.
  1. Bank Details:
    Through this feature, the driver can add the details of his bank account so that the admin can transfer his earnings securely into his bank.

Wrapping Up

By making proper use of the points mentioned above. You will be all set to create a mind-blowing On-Demand Taxi Booking App.

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