Advantages and disadvantages of manual labeling packaging

Every innovation or process has pros and cons which we should not avoid, we should follow protocols and work accordingly to not cause any problems to our business.

Using advantages and counter disadvantages should be the only strategy of every business.

Labeling makes it simple to compare identical products from various manufacturers. Product labeling defines the legal requirements. Every company should make an effort to follow these laws while creating their labels. Brand labels, grade labels, and descriptive labels are the three main categories of labeling. Brand labels give information about the brand, grade labels talk about the characteristics and quality of the product, and description labels talk about how to use the goods.

Advantages Of Manual Labeling


  1. Provide identification  – labeling effectively gives items their identification and originality. It aids consumers in selecting products from among the numerous ones that are offered on the market.By doing this, it avoids consumer uncertainty that may be brought on by competitors’ replacement items. As a result, customers can recognise its brand with ease. Dettol’s label, for instance, makes it simple for people to recognise its products.
  2. Marketing – Manual labeling is regarded as an effective sales tactic for product promotion. It facilitates simple product advertising. It makes the products more alluring. More and more products are drawn to the products thanks to labeling.People are frequently purchase a product simply by reading its labeling. Businesses should make an effort to create appealing and compact labels for their items. It will surely influence your clients in positive way .
  3. Products grading easy –Businesses use grading extensively to categorise their products. Businesses classify their wide range of products into different quality categories according to the market’s various client classes through grading.Customers can find out everything they need to know about a product’s quality and standard from its label. Customers can quickly determine a product’s quality by reading the label. They will be able to choose what is best for them by using this information.For instance, Mother Dairy sells milk in the market that is full cream, half cream, and toned. It gives all details on the product package’s label.


Some disadvantages of manual labeling packaging

  1. Raise the cost of product  – Every organisation’s primary issue with the labeling procedure is that it drives up the price of the goods. The labeling process involves significant costs for the design and printing of the label slip and it’s affix to each product. Brand labels, grade labels, and descriptive labels are the three types of labels that the company often includes with its products. All of them ultimately increase the cost of producing a product for businesses, which raises the cost of the product.
  2. Not ideal for illiterates – For those who are not sufficiently literate to comprehend written information, a label is useless. All information is provided to customers during the labeling process by printing it on the product package. To benefit from product labels, a person needs to be literate in both reading and writing; otherwise, a company’s efforts are for naught.
  3. Standardised products -Only when a corporation produces a standardised line of goods is the labeling process effective. Every product package has labels, which are typical messages. It is to create unique labels for each product.

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