Air Quality Detection: How to improve ambient air Quality?

In recent years, people’s awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased. More and more attention to air quality, but how to do to improve the air quality of our living environment?

As far as the current situation, human being is the biggest reason of  environmental air pollution. Automobile exhaust, factory exhaust emissions. Coal for heating and other pollutants will cause air pollution. In the face of declining air quality, effective control measures is vital.

1. Environmental monitoring and analysis

Poisonous and harmful substances released into the air, will cause the pollution of air, that is to say, the atmospheric pollution is caused by harmful substances, so we can through the environmental monitoring of air pollutants were analyzed, and the monitoring of pollutant source and concentration, and puts forward specific solutions for specific problems.

2. Control pollution sources and reduce pollutant emissions

The generation of air pollutants is closely related to our production and life, and the waste discharged in production and life is an important source of air pollution. Therefore, the prevention and control of air pollution must start from our production and life, effective control of pollution sources, in the case of not affecting normal production and life to minimize the discharge of pollutants.

3. Strengthen environmental legislation and establish a sound legal system

The prevention and control of atmospheric environmental pollution can not only rely on the conscious behavior of the whole society. More importantly, it is regulated in law to promote the protection of atmospheric environment through the effectiveness of law. In China’s environmental law enforcement, the relative laws and regulations are not perfect is an important factor restricting the protection of atmospheric environment in China. Legislature should, therefore, to strengthen environmental legislative work, in the process of conducting environmental legislation to further environmental investigation, to determine the scientific legislative basis, at the same time, using relevant experts in the field of wisdom, let it involved in the legislative work, and to ensure the scientific nature of the related environmental protection laws and regulations, to avoid too loose of the scale of the law, It also prevents overcorrection.

4. Develop clean energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels

Fossil fuels play an important role in China’s energy structure. The combustion of fossil fuels is an important way to produce air pollutants. Therefore, the prevention and control of air pollution should also start from the improvement of energy structure. In order to reduce the use of coal, oil and other fossil fuels, it is necessary to develop new energy, increase the proportion of clean energy such as hydropower, wind, solar, geothermal and tidal energy in China’s energy structure, and reduce the proportion of fossil energy. Energy sources with mature technologies such as solar energy, wind energy and water energy should be vigorously promoted and rationally distributed according to the energy advantages of different regions.

The important role of air quality detection

The air quality monitoring system can monitor the real-time changes of gaseous pollutants (SO2, NO2, CO, O3) and ambient air particles (PM2.5, PM10) all day. Continuously and automatically, collect and process monitoring data quickly and accurately, and realize online automatic monitoring of regional air quality.

The system can timely and accurately reflect the regional environmental air quality status and change rules. And provide detailed data and decision-making reference for environmental protection department’s environmental decision-making. Environmental management and pollution prevention and control.

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