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Madelaine Rey

Madelaine Rey

My favorite holiday has always been Christmas, so I guess it’s only natural that I end up blogging about gifts and gift-giving for holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions in my spare time. Plus, I seem to have a knack for figuring out the brands and products my friends and family love—so why not pass that info along? Since starting my blogging journey roughly two years ago, I’ve written about everything from cute fashion ideas for tweens to the perfect Christmas gifts for Grandma, with some advice and a few how-to guides thrown in for good measure. In any case, I’m glad you stopped by my profile! Hopefully I can help you find the perfect gift for someone special in your life.

The Meaning Behind Violet Roses and Other Colors

Roses are a beautiful gift. They look classy, and when arranged in a high-quality decorative box, they can transform the…

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