Battery Killer Apps

Battery Killer Apps

The battery is the main aspect of a smartphone. Is smartphone has a battery, however, the capacity of the battery is different. The battery of a smartphone is needed to function each day. We need to recharge it from time to time to keep a smartphone functioning. There are several techniques to even help with the maintenance of the battery power capacity of mobile phones.

When was to avoid overcharging or overheating of a mobile phone while they are charging the device. Many people face battery issues as they do not take care of the battery in the initial days. The battery can be replaced if it is facing a lot of issues or you can sell old phones. However, daily routine or fixed patterns will never hurt your battery.


Factors that affect the battery of a smartphone

There are many factors that you must be aware of as the factor battery of a smartphone. However, there are some of the main aspects that you get to your mobile phone via on cell which can cause battery draining.


Social media applications

Who doesn’t have Social with the applications on the mobile phone today? We all do. We have social media applications on a mobile phone today in large numbers. Applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more. All of these applications are used by us in large numbers which affects the battery. Using the battery throughout the day dear appreciation can drain the battery and also shorten its life. Applications and software can break the battery life if not maintained properly. The active users of these applications affect how your battery is going to function.

Some of these applications might not use much of a battery but some of them also use battery life world for others so while using this application will how are using that on the battery life of a smartphone in the long run. Any applications that use the GPS, camera, and other factors require large data Recognition which will in short increase the usage of the battery. Five examples, on Snapchat or Instagram, mind me one of the applications is the use of your GPS and camera. Also, as we browse it uses a large amount of data connection which keeps our mobile phone impact the battery life.

Gaming  applications

Gaming applications can take a large part of the battery as it has high graphic content.  These applications consume more battery as they are heating the device continuously. In short, the more games you play the lesser your battery life will be. That is yet another reason companies have started to launch game-oriented devices so that the game freaks can usually buy those. Games like call of duty or Pub G  are played by users for hours which can drain your battery. These issues can also require mobile repairing if it’s a major concern.

Passive applications

When we say passive applications we mean the rest of the applications on your phone except the active ones. These applications are certainly not used by you that much. You will always notice a set of applications existing on your device which are rarely used by you. We think they do not matter but little did we know that they play an important role while just existing on your mobile phone. These applications can be podcasts, music, or any other applications that don’t serve a greater purpose. The thing is these applications still function while we are not even using our mobile phones. They keep on running in the background while consuming the battery.

It is now that you will understand, why you experience battery draining or phone heating. Many of these applications also use cellular data. Cellular data usage will also heavily drain the battery.

Other applications

Other applications such as shopping or travel applications can be contributing to the consumption of battery health. People keep on browsing these applications for hours even without realizing it. Some other applications also include  Torrent apps, weather apps if they are updated permanently, fitness tracking apps, and essentially, any app you actively use without a screen on. For the most part, they don’t make a big difference in isolation. However, it’s not uncommon to listen to music, follow your fitness, save your photos, and download Google Play updates at the same time.  You might get a thought to sell second hand mobile as multiple activities can be achieved through the latest phone.


We mean the outside temperature but also the inside temperature or atmosphere of the device. The autonomy of smartphones is strongly influenced by temperature and age. Batteries are most effective when new and operating at room temperature. However, because phones heat up during usage and time runs on all eternity, these two things affect your battery life afterward. Age is the main reason for your battery life getting shorter as your mobile phone ages.

Batteries rely on chemical reactions to store and treat energy, and no chemical reaction is endless. The method has been maximized and that’s why the batteries last as long as they do for starters. In addition, batteries lose capacity even if you do not use them or even when you over-use them.

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