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Golden morni

The bed sheet design from the Golden morni are confines into the going with different strategies. These groupings are bedsheets, covers, marriage sets, duvet covers, bed in a pack, and covers. Each social affair is improved and has more perceptible availability of tones, surfaces, costs, pieces, types, and sizes.

  1. Bed Sheets

The bed sheets grouping of golden morni has the shades of brown, yellow, dull, green, and blue. The expense range starts from 2,500 rupees to higher. The ruler and sovereign sizes are the most ample. See the things in this depiction under.

Bed Sheet Yellow Patch

Open for ruler and sovereign sizes just, this green-hid bed sheet has little traces of yellow, feeble, white, brown, and blue. These different-sized patches of various colors are especially charming. It other than edifies the energy of the room. The surface used is the completed slub which is exceptionally sensitive, smooth, and fulfilling. This surface is made utilizing slub cotton which is an astonishing kind. This prompts the lovely surface of the bedsheet. The whole heap of the yellow fix bed sheet joins 2 pillowcases and 1 bed sheets. The cushions are open for both sovereign and ruler sizes.

Marriage Sets

The wedding bed sheets of this brand are stick out. They don’t fall into the standard Pakistani wedding sets. This is thinking about the way that Nishat has added their own bend to this sheet material class. The marriage sets of Nishat are contemporary yet in like manner standard. In this way they are so well known like ChenOne BedSheets Collection in Pakistan.

Marriage Bed Chain Stitch

This bedsheet is stacked with colors. Purple is set as the fundamental tone and it is other than coexisted with red, orange, dull, white, and blue. There are more tones unmistakable in go on in a manner of speaking. The surface for this sheet is 100% pure cotton which is the explanation it is so fulfilling and fragile. The heap of the marriage bed chain join incorporates 1 printed bed sheet, 1 computerized printed lavish filled cushion, 1 printed cover, 2 worked with printed pillowcases, and 1 progressed printed filled cushion. With the splendid blend close by the flood of so many sheet material things, this marriage bed sheet is completely astounding.

Nakoosh Bridal Set:

This one faultlessly suits the wedding point. It is of an astounding red covering which Pakistani individuals for the most part wear. The surface is a comparable which is cotton percale. The whole assembling has 1 printed bed sheet, 1 printed cover, 1 progressed printed upgrading filled cushion, 2 worked with printed pillowcases, and 1 motorized printed filled cushion.

Bed in a pack

Bed in a pack of Nishat have different themes, types, and sizes. They are for the most part exorbitant at any rate since the quality is top notch, various clients get them. The statement is standing separated that a huge load of these things are sold out phenomenally fast.


This cheetah print thing imparts a wild energy. Its surface is cotton percale. The additional things related with the pack are 2 printed filled further making cushions, 1 printed cover, 1 printed bed sheet, and 2 worked with printed pillowcases.

  1. Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are another specialty of Nishat, and more sensible as well. Regardless the way that their blend is limited, the open things fulfill raised necessities.

Duvet Cover Set Vintage Vora

This is a focal dull bed sheet with giant pink blooms engraved on top. The style is focal yet stunning. With completed slub as the surface, the social event contains 1 duvet cover and 2 pillowcases for both ruler and sovereign sizes. The duvet cover is without the filling.

Smokey Cotton Satin Duvet Set

This one is for people who could rather not think about any detail. The smokey cotton cleaned silk duvet has everything in shocking. Made utilizing cotton silk, the surface is truly sensitive and smooth. It will generally be washed without the issue and offers unimaginable motivation for cash. The arranged print is almost flabbergasting other than. It has 8 pieces in the social event which are 2 plain cushion covers, 1 level bed sheet, 2 smokey cushions cover, 1 duvet cover, and 2 smokey cushion covers.

Gem Light Brown DuvetCover

This is a guaranteed excess thing made clearly for the huge bed. The surface used is pure cotton what picks its worth. The cotton in like manner makes the surface light and breathable with the objective that you can have a fair rest all through the scope of the evening. The solid concealing close by rich models deals with the energy of the room. In any case, The sewing is firm, made, detail-orientated, and smooth which is the explanation it will not relax whether or not you wash the cover. Hypoallergenic filling discards the potential outcomes getting an oppositely slight reaction.


The fronts of this brand are the best blend of style and warmth. However, All of the covers are light and rich. Although they have a tricky and smooth surface.

Rich Bed Sheets

Disregarding the way that, Bed sheets of extravagant and top-class material are in a fluctuating strategy. Whereas, They add an extraordinary energy to the room.



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