Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud In Ecommerce Industry

Benefits Of Popular Salesforce Cloud eCommerce Platform

Over 2.8 billion people search the World Wide Web every day looking for services and products. The whopping number alone motivates businesses to deliver top quality services to attain a strong presence among those customers.

If you as a business owner want a substantial web presence for your customers, you can easily do it with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and with the help of Salesforce Consulting Company.

Benefits Of Popular Salesforce Cloud eCommerce Platform

  • Reduces your need for using several tools for evaluating the market, sales volumes, and handling other operations.
  • This single and unified eCommerce platform assists businesses to make their customers’ shopping a pleasant experience.
  • It features lots of unique functionalities to help companies to connect with their present and potential customers in each sale funnel.
  • And, it also delivers top-notch customer assistance and supports through several platforms and channels.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform Features

  • A SaaS-orient multi-tenant platform that comes with impressive native stock features.
  • Pager builder solutions to lend more control over your business products across content and templates.
  • Top-class specs for seamlessly handling stock catalogues, client orders, web marketing, inventory, intricate data or products-types, and even SEO.
  • Features in-built A/B testing for marketing and handling key aspects such as product/brand logo, advertisement, order management, and so on.
  • And incorporates other cool features like native multi-currency, multi-store capability, and multi-language.

Experts who are serving in a top salesforce development company in India all over the world regard Salesforce Commerce Cloud as among the best CMS around. But as surprising as it sounds, many remain unaware of its full list of benefits.

How Does Salesforce Commerce Cloud Help ECommerce Business Owners Prosper?

1. Impressive Cataloguing & Product Management Features

This feature is one of the main reasons why Salesforce Commerce Cloud is more popular over other names.

Some of Them Include –

  • State-of-the-art visual marketing and promotion.
  • Better support in handling complicated types of merchandise. They include – bundled goods/items, optional products, product sets, and grouped products.
  • Allows better promotion and campaign considering consumer group, proper campaign scheduling, goods-order level along with its shipping.
  • Ensures proper task scheduling like introducing and circulating fresh goods and items.
  • It comes with multiple layers of product personalization features to use.

2. Its Next-Gen Einstein AI Helps Boost Lead Conversions & Overall Sales

Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform comes with Einstein AI. It plays a vital role in eCommerce site owners, and retailers implement new attributes and handle different tasks on the platform. It also prevents users from doing manual data analysis or using any third-party extensions.

  • Its Einstein AI empowers more eCommerce organizations to present their top-shelf products and items to their customers at every sales funnel.
  • It saves their valuable effort, money, and time by automating all their products and items.
  • It is also instrumental in predictive intelligence and generating crucial data for augmenting both lead conversions and sales.

3. Ensures Your Customers Have A Wonderful Mobile Shopping Experience

It’s no secret that significant (%) of your customers like to shop using their smartphones and with every passing day, the numbers keep increasing. Keeping true to this popular trend; your eCommerce site should be mobile-friendly.

In today’s time, Google considers the mobile responsiveness of a site as a crucial SERP ranking factor. From key aspects like mobile-first indexing to load speed, every element is taken into consideration while ranking your eCommerce site.

To ensure that the CMS and eCommerce website development generate more traffic and leads compared to your competitors, it is crucial to improve your site’s mobile responsiveness. Fortunately, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform allows you to create a website that your customers can access and shop using their mobile phones, without fuss.

Top experts working world-wide believe this CMS platform delivers an optimum experience to all your smartphone shoppers each time. And over time, this only helps build their confidence in you for their future shopping requirements.

4. Comes With Lots Of Omni Channel Capabilities

In words of top specialists working worldwide –

“Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform merges eCommerce, offline store operations, and order management into one effective SaaS platform.”

Consisting Of Lots Of Impressive Omni Channel Capabilities, This CMS Platform –

  • Allows retailers and eCommerce business owners to conduct their operations through social media, mobile, e-commerce, and other promotional channels.
  • They can perform all these crucial operations from this single CMS platform.
  • With its order management feature, business owners can present flexible buying conveniences to their customers. It also includes pick up from store or shipping from store.
  • Plus, it helps save lots of time, cost, and effort.

Offers 24×7 Comprehensive Cloud Support To Business Owners

Besides these, another good reason to use the SalesForce Commerce Cloud platform is its 24×7 cloud support. The great thing is that it doesn’t limit to coding issues, but everything right from security patches to upgrading core coding.

Other impressive cloud features are pointed below –

  • Users get complete control over page-level and rule-based redirects.
  • Comes with a host of compelling search features.
  • Permits cross-selling, upselling, and both machine and manual based merchandise recommendation.
  • Allows efficient consumer segmentation along with all-inclusive transactional email management.
  • Ensures uses ample flexibility for SEO.
  • Consists of plenty of platform-level integrations, documentations, APIS, and data-exchange forums.
  • Presents accurate and robust reporting.

Brands That Use Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce commerce cloud services power some of the reputed brands in the world. The services aim to unify customer experience at every touchpoint. It makes make retailing, both offline and online, very easy to manage. The brand includes-

  • Fila
  • Pandora
  • Under Armour
  • Ethan Allen
  • GoPro
  • Skullcandy
  • Converse
  • Godiva
  • Joann

Each of these brands has got successful results by hiring Salesforce Consulting Company and has taken the business to the zenith.

Summing Up

Each of these remarkable cloud features makes Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform the perfect choice for your eCommerce business. More so, for those business owners who aim to run their establishment and require sound and safe cloud-based CMS platform.

However, if you are new to using this CMS platform, then it is always best to consult with experts operating globally. Depending on the nature of your eCommerce business, your goals, and customized requirements, they will help your business grow, become famous, and prosper in the long-run.

So, all set to try out the Salesforce Commerce Cloud CMS platform? Get on with it without hesitation and get in touch with a reliable Salesforce Consulting Company. For more lucid posts on cloud-platforms or similar, keep visiting this page!

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