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Best Android App Development Company in Bangladesh

Best Android App Development Company in Bangladesh

People of all classes now depend on technology. Mobile phones have become one of the common basic needs. As the iPhone is not affordable for all, Android is the first choice of users. So business owners find their profit in this aspect and invest5-star more. They step forward to this with planning but what do they need first? You must find An android app development company that will fulfill the requirements with updated technology and proper planning. 

To choose the best company, customers should look for their provided services, customer review, developer team, company experience. It will give an idea about the company and its employees and help to choose the best company among the best. 

Brief Description of the Best Android App Development Companies:

There are many popular app development companies in Bangladesh that provide quality service with their best team. They make sure of customer satisfaction and provide what customers need. A list of such popular Android app development companies is given below which will help you to choose the best with your needs. 


rexoit, app development company, Android App Development Company in Bangladesh

REXO IT is an app development company. It developed android and iOS mobile apps. This company has a 50+ developer team who are always ready to give their best service with high-quality work. They make sure of customer satisfaction. It also helps in maintenance and support customers to the end and makes sure to connect with customers by keeping all updates on the project. This company has a 5-star rating and good feedback from the customers which makes it trustworthy. 

Xpert Solvers:

XpertSlover is an android app development company that also develops iOS apps and cross-platform apps. This company focuses on improving customer service and making them comfortable with a good user experience. It costs $25-$50 per hour with a 10 to 50 developer team. It has 4.8 overall reviews and is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

Flyte Solutions:

REXOIT, App Development Company,

Flyer Solution provides needed service to the customer related to android app d development or other development. It is a famous software company of Bangladesh which provides various services to the customers. They have a team of 50 developers who make sure to provide the best quality in customers’ requirements at $25 per hour. They connect with customers with service. 

IOTA Infotech Limited:

REXOIT, App Development Company,

IOTA Infotech Limited is a technology company that provides services worldwide. It helps customers provide complex issue solutions and build android apps. It was founded in 2018 and hourly costs are $25. This company has a 4.5 rating with feedback from customers. It works at a reasonable price and provides quality work. 


Appbuff is based in Bangladesh and the USA, it is an app development company. They provide the different apps on a different platform with top-notch technologies. This Company provides full support to the customer and makes sure of user experience. They gave services to 200+ customers of android app development. They focus on requirements first with a $25-$50 hourly rate. 

KAZ Software limited:

REXOIT, App Development Company,

It empowers customers with a skilled team to provide the best quality android app. This company has 50-250 employees and works with more than 100 companies in 15 years of experience. They visually make your plans by turning them into an app with your needs. It is a 5-star rating company that has a supportive team. It cost $25 an hour.

TopOfStack Software:

TopOfStack Limited is popular for the development and distribution of apps like android, iOS. They have a professional developer, designer, and technical team. They provided many websites with great designs. However, the delivery of more than 350-apps is available to the app store. It has 50 dedicated developer teams. TopOfStack was founded in 2011, located in Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and costs $25 hourly. This company provides budget-need apps to customers. 


Leotech has a great role in the software development sector. It is an expert in Android and iOS development. Mainly, their most popular service is education management, multi-vendor, e-commerce ERP, garments software, account software, etc. They provide quality service within the delivery time that brings customer satisfaction. They demand hourly $25-$50 in an hour with a 50 developer team. It is located in Dhaka and receives a lot of feedback from customers. 

Dhrubok Infotech Services Ltd :

It is a development company that delivers up-to-minute Android apps to the customer. It was founded in 2013 with 50 expert developer teams in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This company focuses on customer needs and gives them a solution. They give full focus to the development from planning to maintenance. Its hourly rate is $25. 


In this era android app development has become one of the most demanded businesses. People want something uniquely different and better day by day. Similarly, the development process turns ideas into reality to do better to stay one step forward than the competitors. You may depend on the above list of the companies for your android app development as all of them are renowned companies of Bangladesh and promise to give their best services to the customer by understanding your business view, needs, and budget. You may choose in the prescription of your requirements, their customer feedback, experience, and services. 

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