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Best resume builder websites that can help you land a job

Looking for a job can be an excruciating job for an individual. Sometimes people struggle to get a job even though they have all the qualifications that make them the best candidate for it. However, their numerous other traits render them a secondary choice for the position. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind that the qualifications are never enough. There are two main aspects that are equally important as the content on your CV.

The interview session

First off, you have to ensure that you are prepared for the interview. Interviews can be disastrous for many as they fumble in front of the interviewer, negatively impacting him. Therefore, it is essential to prepare some pointers that can help you stand strong during your interview session.

Apart from the technical and verbal aspects of the interview, it is also important to keep your body language and professionalism in check. It means that interviewers also judge candidates based on how they carry themselves. Therefore, if you appear for an interview, it is best if you pick out your best formal attire, polish your shoes and don’t fidget, and give out your anxiety issues in front of the employer.

Your resume

What guarantees your further hiring procedure is your CV or resume. It is the means that brings you in front of the interviewer in the first place, so naturally, it also requires your utmost attention.

People often ignore many things about their resumes. They jot down every work experience they have had in an unorganized manner. It reduced their chance of selection as their resume is not up to the mark as per the employer’s standards.

Difference between a resume and a CV

First off, people often confuse resume and CV as the same thing. However, that is not the case. Although both these documents are about your work experience and background, there are some fundamental differences between them.

A CV or Curriculum Vitae is a well-prepared document that talks about all your previous work experience and educational experience. It does not have a page limit as it depends on the experience of the individual. A CV is mostly used to prove your credibility to people, for instance, to convince investors, grant acceptance, etc.

On the contrary, a resume is a particular document that should not exceed more than two pages. It is better to use a resume when applying for jobs as it includes every bit of information that the employer will need to value your candidacy.

There are other formatting differences, like in a resume. If you have more than a year’s work experience, you should always set your work experience above your educational background section. However, if you are typing up a CV, the educational background section always comes first to work experience.

How to ensure your resume stands out?

It is common knowledge that many organizations and companies use a resume checking machine. There can be numerous candidates for a very limited amount of open positions. Therefore it can be a challenge to sift out the best candidates. Therefore many companies use this software that automatically checks the resumes for all the right keywords and indications. If your resume has the right skill set, the machine will pass it on to the employer. Only about 25% of all the resumes the company receives get to the employer.

To make sure your resume does not get rejected by the employer, it is best to mold your resume by the job description and their skills requirements. It increases your chances of selection and can help you get the attention of your employer.

It is also the case that many qualified candidates do not get the job due to poor resume writing skills. So, it is best to hire professional resume builder services online.

Some of the best resume builder platforms online.

There are numerous ways you can write your resume. However, one easy yet efficient way is to use the service of a resume builder. These are primarily websites and applications that have an ample amount of formats you can choose from. In addition, most sites offer guidance and suggestions on how and what to write for certain things. However, keep in mind that not all formats are accessible on most websites. You might have to get premium access to their site to avail all the best services.

Here, we have chosen some of the best resume builder websites on the internet for you.

My perfect resume

It is a wonderful website for helping you build your resume. Which has catchy formats, awesome fonts, options to name sections, and whatnot! It even has pre-writing to fill out all the places you can not think of creative ideas to fill with.

Resume lab

It is another great resume builder tool that has an AI-driven document strength measuring system. Which scores your resume against previous resumes that other people have made on the platform. That has more than 20 formats to choose from and also has pre-written content for writing bullet points under your experience, etc. Moreover, it also allows you to write a cover letter.

Resume help

It is another excellent website that has very user-friendly and compatible user software. It is simple to use as it asks you to fill out the text boxes regarding the questions, and it will assemble a resume for you by itself. The pre-written content is also a speed booster as it saves you time from thinking up newer ways to explain your work duties.


It is one of the great resume builder sites on the internet, with a library of hundreds of catchy resumes. Novoresume provides more than 16 of these formats for free to its user. In addition, it has a premium account that enables you to access all its features and editing tools to create a perfect resume. However, if you are a newbie, it is best if you stick to their free formats. All you have to perform is sign up and start typing up your resume to the best of your ability.

If you are searching for a professional resume, it is best to subscribe to the site and avail of their best templates, editing tools, and countless other options.

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