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Best short treks in Himachal


Perhaps one of the biggest treks in the Western Himalayas are found in Himachal Pradesh, such as the Deo Tibba Trail and the Hampta Pass Trek. You don’t need to be concerned if you can’t afford a long vacation or if you’re a novice trekker just getting started. For anybody who responds towards the call of something like the mountains, Himachal Pradesh does indeed have a trail. In Himachal Pradesh, there are a lot of captivating short treks. Beas Kund were popular near Manali, neighboring rolling hills of Dharamshala and Outward appearances provide more breathtaking sights such as Triund Hill, Bhagsu Nag, and Kareri Lake. The Hampta Pass climb and the Kareri Lake hike are both visited in March.

Patalsu trek:

Students can proceed through Manali to Solang Valley, which is 14 kilometres distant, and then walk to Solang Village on the first day. The next day, you’ll arrive at Shagadugh, a lovely open meadow where you’ll spend your second night.  You may obtain a stunning view of something like the Kullu valley from the mountain, with the mountains including Hanuman Tibba & Goodwill peak standing above the rest. Return to Shagadugh for the night and go downwards towards Himachal via Solang the following day. The walk is moderate, with daily climbs of 4-5 hours.

Kheerganga trek:

Kheerganga, a two-day trek in Himachal Pradesh, is among the most popular walk itineraries near Kasol in the Parvati Valley. That was one of Himachal’s most gorgeous weekend treks. Kheerganga, in essence, is a spiritual location, and the trail immediately prior to it would be studded with enormous natural beauty. It’s a simple 11-12 mile hike uphill from there. Even with short breaks for meals and relaxation inside the interval at some of the other local coffee shops with multicolored domes dotting the mountain trail, it can easily be completed in 5-6 hours.

On your way, you’ll pass via Nakthan, a small town, and Rudranag Temple, which has a Shiva shrine. On your trip up or down, you can make a pit stop at these locations. You’ll also come across wide verdant pastures with gushing hot springs interspersed between craggy cliffs. Set up tents at Kheerganga and spend the night under the stars. The next day, retrace your travels back to Barshaini and catch a bus to Kasol.

Prashar lake trek:

This is one of Himachal’s best short treks, appropriate for all levels of hikers. This two-day walk in Himalayan will become an unforgettable experience. Prashar Lake can be reached by two routes: one via Baggi Settlement and another through Jwalapur Village. Arrive in Panarsa early the next morning in the first week and prepare for the day’s hike. Take a cab approximately 25 kilometres to Jwalapur hamlet and enjoy the gorgeous views along the way.  As you travel farther into the forest, the path becomes thicker and quieter. Following 4-5 hours of walking, you will arrive at Prashar Lake.

The neighborhood temple of Sage Prashar, which features wonderful indigenous architecture, stands by the stunning blue lake.   At sunset and dawn, the sky is painted in vivid pink & bright yellow hues, creating magnificent scenes in the region. Before returning to Panarsa, spend the night and get your camera rolling at daybreak to catch the splendour of a mountainous sunrise.


Whenever it concerns outdoor climbing across India, particularly in the Himalayan circuits, there is no shortage of options. However, buried among the larger, more well-known paths are a few such hidden jewels that retain the natural grandeur of the mountains, unblemished by increasing footfalls.Since time immemorial, the mesmerising beauty of the this Mountainous region in Northern India has enchanted many a soul. 

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