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Best Ways to Landscape Around Apartment Buildings

Pieces of greenery are scarce in city life, which is why urban design stresses landscape architecture. When an apartment embellishes itself with green lawns, water pools, shade trees, flowering plants & shrubs, etc. it essentially uplifts the quality of life of the residents and racks up the property value.

Even small landscaping ideas in a complex with a space crunch help garner more attention from prospective buyers or renters. Well-planned and tended landscaping boosts the curb appeal of the apartment and speaks of the care given by the administrator to the building. 

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You can spruce up your apartment building with beautiful landscape design plans for some key areas. Here are a few such ideas:

Have a gorgeous main entrance

The main entrance is like the cover page of a book. It must be neat, safe, and lighted to say the least. But if you can adorn it with plants and shrubs, your apartment will earn extra respect for sure.

Not just the visitors, even passers-by also look at the main entrance and create opinions about the property. Moreover, plants and shrubs help offshoot the imposing appearance of a multi-story apartment building. They also provide shade, block out unwanted views, and also serve as a sound barrier in busy areas.

You may think of flanking the main entrance with colorful annuals. Flowering shrubs and flowerbeds at the entrance not only adds color and beauty but also creates a welcoming effect.

A garden in the middle of the apartment complex

A sight of well maintained gardens in the middle of the complex creates a soothing effect in the visitors’ minds. A narrow walkway of pebbles or stone slabs will make the garden even more appealing. 

In case there is not enough space for a garden in that sense, a stretch of meadow will be a good alternative. Use of garden lights will add to its natural charm. 

You may add some water features to this area, such as a lily pool, water cascade, and the like. 

Beautiful backyard with narrow garden along the boundary wall 

A shared backyard with cemented surface and narrow garden along the boundary wall can be a place of sporting activities and cultural events. Residents and their children may be engaged in basketball, badminton, or some track sports in this area. The place  can be dotted with a few benches for onlookers. 

This place will be filled with energy and vigor, and will inspire the residents to socialize through sports and cultural events. 

Use indicator boards at the crossroads

The walkways and the junction points in a large complex must have indicator boards showing directions to entrance, exit, community hall, gym, ground, etc. This also helps pedestrians use the paths and not the fields to reach the destinations.  

For your walk, think about using permeable pavers. They absorb rainwater and prevent it from flooding drains and pathways.

Give safety & security a priority when designing your landscape 

Visibility should not be obstructed by landscaping. This means shrubs to be used should be medium in size, not massive, and trees should have canopies above eye level.

Enough lighting is very important. When residents go for night walks or return home late after a long day at work, lighting at entrances and along paths gives them a sense of security.

If the apartment complex is large and you have to provide bitumen roads for communication, make sure that the roads are in good condition and provide the least chance of skidding.

Wrap up

Environmental awareness is a critical and fundamental aspect of today’s development. Many housing complexes are resorting to low maintenance landscaping ideas that also undertakes environmental requirements along with beautification, social, and safety awareness. 

For example, acquiring abundant natural light, wide shading from heat & u/v, energy-shaving pathways, rainwater harvesting, compost production, etc. feature among the modern landscaping topics. The landscape design plans take up the challenge to execute them without conflicting aesthetics.

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