Cleaning the Washing Machine, Essential for your Machine and your Clothes

To preserve the performance of our household appliances and ensure their long life, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester it is important to clean them regularly. This is the case of the washing machine, the maintenance of which will also be beneficial for your clothes. Chassis, drum, filter, control panel, tubs… Here are all our tips for effective cleaning of your washing machine.

Take good care of your washing machine so that it lasts

If the maintenance of the washing machine  must be regular, you can already take some good habits when using it. To avoid the appearance of odors and mould, it is better not to leave wet laundry in the drum for too long, for example overnight. Similarly, between two uses, leave the door ajar so that your washing machine dries and is aired. Finally, using detergent and fabric softener in large quantities does not wash better. An overdose only clogs up your device while risking leaving traces on your clothes.

For the rest, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester it will be necessary from time to time to dust and clean your device in a methodical way.

The chassis and the control panel

The exterior of the washing machine can simply be washed regularly with a soft cloth or damp sponge. You can take care of it every time you clean the room it’s in. Whether it’s the kitchen or the laundry room.
If the appliance is very dirty, you can possibly add a little soap, provided that you rinse it thoroughly. As long as you take care of the exterior. Do not neglect the front face of the porthole and its edge, where dust never fails to invite itself.

Whatever happens, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester never use the sponge scraper or abrasive. Materials that would leave marks on the plastic and on the screen of your washing machine.

The detergent drawer

Detergent and fabric softener tend to stick in the detergent drawer, leaving sticky marks that can turn black and moldy if left too long. The pipes can also end up getting clogged.
Carry out regular thorough cleaning as soon as product residues accumulate in the tank. Most washing machines have a removable drawer. Dislodge it to clean it with hot water, to which you can add dish soap.

  • If this tray is not removable, remove the parts that can be to clean them in the same way.
  • Without forgetting to wash then rinse the drawer as well.
  • If residue remains, use a soft brush, for example a toothbrush reserved for Best Home Appliance Repair Company in Leicester.
  •  This can also be used to clean the nozzles, placed on the front inner part of the tank.
  • Finally, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester dry each of the elements well before putting everything back in place to avoid mold.

The porthole and its seal

Don’t forget the inside glass of the porthole on which fibers, hair or even a few animal hairs tend to stick.
Then comes the cleaning of the seal (or sleeve) which ensures the seal between the drum and the porthole. It is a veritable nest of bacteria; it is therefore essential to clean it often. A simple damp cloth may suffice. If fibers or waste remain stuck inside or if the gasket shows signs of mold, you can use a toothbrush and a little soapy water or warm water and white vinegar. They are removed and then rinsed with a soft damp cloth.

If you’ve waited a little too long and the joint seems full of mold, it seems that toothpaste works wonders too.

Clean the pump filter

Every three months, clean the pump filter. It is intended to collect foreign bodies – for example, you can find coins, buttons and even, it seems, the famous socks that were thought to have disappeared in a spatio-temporal fault… Very often, when your washing machine struggles to drain, the filter is overloaded. Regular maintenance avoids having to intervene in an emergency. Besides, avoid doing it after a hot cycle because hot water can remain there.

  1. The filter can be washed under running water; Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester it’s time to also clean its housing which has probably retained many impurities (dust, hair, fibers, fluff, hair, etc.).
  2. Sometimes this filter is placed in the bottom of the drum.
  3.  In this case, follow the instructions in the manual for your device to access and clean it.

And the drum in all this?

Run at least one high temperature cycle every month, or even better, two – at 60°C or 90°C. This eliminates detergent residues as well as bacteria, which proliferate briskly, especially if you prefer washing at low temperature (20°C or 30°C). No need to run this cycle empty. You can very well take the opportunity to wash your sheets or towels.

Note that some washing machines have a program specially dedicated to self-cleaning or cleaning the drum, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester to be launched at least monthly.

Regular descaling

Approximately every three months (frequency to be adjusted according to the hardness of the water), descale the washing machine. Pour a liter of white vinegar directly into the drum (which very well replaces the special washing machine descaler) and run a hot program at more than 60°C, empty.

Check the pipes

Take advantage of the great spring cleaning to check once or twice a year the tightness of the water inlet and outlet pipes as well as their condition. Also take a look at the seals to check their condition. They wear out, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester which sometimes causes leaks.


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