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CPEng NZ Assessment Process

Becoming a CPEng in New Zealand will bring many benefits. Therefore, engineers across the world invest their heart and soul in preparing for Chartership. However, their preparation is incomplete unless they have a clear idea of the eligibility criteria, assessment process, and pathways. On top of that, we will also tell you about the registration authority.

Considering this, we have written this blog to help those willing to work in New Zealand with this status. Here, we will provide you with the necessary information like the eligibility criteria and the assessment process. Apart from that, we will also let you know the pathways to get Chartered.

Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) in New Zealand:

A CPEng or Chartered Professional Engineer is an experienced engineer. They have registration using Engineering New Zealand, as the Registration Authority.

To attain Chartership, you have to complete an assessment to prove that you can cope with complex engineering problems. The reason for this is that dealing with such problems requires expert knowledge.

Becoming a CPEng requires you to demonstrate New Zealand-specific technical experience. Besides that, you need to have a reassessment at least every 6 years. Using this assessment, you prove that you fulfill an international standard.

Pathways to becoming Chartered:

There are two pathways leading to Chartership. The first one is registration, and the second one is membership. Both of them are two separate things. You can become a Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand and a Chartered Professional Engineer through the same evaluation.

As an Engineering New Zealand member, you demonstrate your professionalism and credibility. Membership shows that you a part of a wider professional community. Through it, you can gain advanced-level technical knowledge, maintain standards and raise the bar.

Most CPEng credential holders also choose to be members of Engineering Zealand. The reason is it will allow them to have access to member resources. In addition to that, they get support throughout their career.

CPEng NZ eligibility criteria:

You must fulfill the following criteria to attain Chartership as an engineer:

  1. Hold a Washington Accord-recognized qualification (Bachelor of Engineering, Honours) or be capable of demonstrating equivalent knowledge.
  2. Go through an assessment to demonstrate you satisfy the competency standard.
  3. Commit to the CPEng Code of Ethical Conduct.
  4. Have reassessment at a minimum of every 6 years for the maintenance of your CPEng registration.
  5. You don’t need to be an Engineering New Zealand member to apply for a Chartership.

Annual charges and fees (excluding GST):

2022 fees:

  • First-time evaluation $1,565.00 ($1,215.00 with mutual recognition)
  • Equivalent knowledge evaluation $1,175.00 (in case of not having a Washington Accord qualification)
  • Yearly feel $460.00

How to apply for CPEng status:

You can put your application for consideration using the authority’s member area online. Here, Engineering New Zealand members will have access. In case of not an Engineering New Zealand member, just sign up to access its online area. After that, set your goal. In the end, the authority will recommend the next step you should take to reach your goal.

CPEng NZ assessment process:

Before submitting your application, the authority will ask you to submit your draft application. Afterward, a member of the assessment team will check your application. Here, you will get feedback on ways to improve your application.  By means of this feedback, you will be able to improve your application for a positive assessment.

After you submit your application online, a panel of your peers will do the following:

  1. Evaluate your application against international competency criteria
  2. Fix a meeting with you
  3. May ask you for extra information
  4. Receive feedback from your referees
  5. Prepare a report with recommendations to the Chartered Professional Engineers Council (CPEC)

Registration Authority:

The Registration Authority is Engineering New Zealand under the Chartered Professional Engineers New Zealand Act 2002. In other words, the authority maintains the CPEng register and deals with assessments and applications.

Chartered Professional Engineers Council (CPEC):

The Chartered Professional Engineers Council is a statutory organization. It was set up on 1 July 2002 under the Chartered Professional Engineers Act 2002. This Council must consist of a minimum of 6, but no more than 8 members. These members include:

  1. 3 people chosen by Engineering New Zealand
  2. 1 nominated person from the Association of Consulting Engineers of New Zealand
  3. Between 2 and 4 people chosen by the Minister
  4. A Deputy Chairman and a Council Chairman

The Council:

  1. Approves and reviews any changes to the CPEng Rules that are related to minimum criteria for assessment and ethical conduct
  2. Hears appeals from the Registration Authority decisions on disciplinary matters. These matters include decisions not to renew the registration of a CPEng
  3. Reviews and reports to the Minister on the Registration Authority’s performance. Besides that, it also reports on the Chartered Professional Engineers Council’s performance (CPEC) in working under the Act


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