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Download free CDR Sample for Computer Network and System Engineer offers free CDR format for all engineering disciplines. Request a sample via mail and get the latest professional document.

A CDR Career Episode report is required to be submitted by engineers who wish to migrate and pursue a better career in Australia. If you are a Computer Network and Systems engineer looking for a free CDR sample for EA, you are in the right place!

We CDR skill assessment are renowned as one of Australia’s best CDR writing service providers. You can find a free CDR sample for all engineering disciplines on our website or request a CDR sample through mail. Those CDR samples are only for reference purposes, so avoid copying any statements for a plagiarism-free report! For now, take a glance at what a CDR sample for Computer Network and System Engineer looks like:

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The curriculum vitae in a CDR report should include the applicants’ personal details, including their personal profiles, academic qualification, and work experience. It should be the recent one, based on a professional format.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Career Episode Sample

The CPD Sample should clarify the author’s diverse competence in the field of engineering in around 1000 words.

Career Episode Reports

Career episodes for engineers Australian are a crucial component of the CDR report, which should showcase the author’s recent work experience and demonstrate the duties performed during various projects:

  1. Computer Network and Systems Engineer Career Episode 1

CDR report requires elaborating the duties and tasks carried out on the project “Look Based Media Player” or any relevant project in about 1600 words.

Project’s Name: “Look Based Media Player.”

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Planning and developing complex system design, data models, architecture diagrams, and systems integration.
  • Researching network infrastructure and monitoring the procedure for improved performance.
  • Proposing ideas to improve the network operations, communications hardware, and operating systems.
  • Offering the required troubleshooting and overcoming the emergencies regarding the network problems.
  1. Computer Network and Systems Engineer Career Episode 2

Career episode 2 of the CDR report requires elaborating the duties and tasks carried out on the project “Farming Assistance Using Web Service” or any relevant project in about 1670 words.

Project’s Name: “Farming Assistance Using Web Service.”

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Planning, analyzing, installing, configuring, and preserving the database software on various network workstations
  • Implementing network programming knowledge in support of specific business plans.
  • Arranging the necessary procedures and strategies for network inventory management.
  • Determining different diagnosis methods for network faults and offering the maintenance instructions.
  • Observing the network traffic and applying effective methods for optimal network performance.
  1. Computer Network and Systems Engineer Career Episode 3

Career episode 3 of the CDR report requires elaborating the duties and tasks carried out on the project “Adapting MAC 802.11 for Performance Enhancement in MANET” or any relevant project in about 1700 words.

Project’s Name: “Adapting MAC 802.11 for Performance Enhancement in MANET.”

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Implementing the ns-2 network simulator to Identify and diminish the routing overhead in mobile ad hoc networks.
  • Monitoring the request-for-request-to-send (RRTS) packet and applying it to the required areas.
  • Tracking the acquired signal of each neighboring node
  • Operating multiple simulations for static and mobile scenarios, using TCP and UDP transport protocols
  • Monitoring and verifying the adaptability of the recommended applications for various conditions.
Summary Statement Sample and Career Episode

The CDR summary statement sample is a compilation of all your competency elements in around 2700 words. There is a single summary statement for all three career episodes; hence It should provide an in-depth clarification of the skills and competence of the author to the appropriate paragraph of episodes.

Australia is one of the best destinations for engineers and every year a lot of engineers from all around the world applies for migration skilled visa. However, not everyone is going to get a positive assessment from Engineers Australia (EA).

Often time, an applicant’s visa gets rejected due to the use of the wrong format, incorrect information, and more. For this, you need to take a look at the specific rules and guidelines suggested by EA that helps the assessors evaluate the applicant’s competency in their respective engineering domain.

Skill Assessment For Various Engineering Disciplines

Engineers who wish to migrate and pursue a career as qualified engineers in Australia require visa authorization from the Australian Immigration Department. For getting a visa permit engineers first needs to submit a CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) to EA.

Australia is one of the most popular destinations to stay and work for engineers, and there is certainly so much possibility for engineers to work there. If you too wish to resettle and work in Australia, you need to prepare a CDR report according to the Migration Skills Assessment standards. This article presents the basic requirements of a CDR report, which you should acknowledge while writing your CDR.

Important Documents needed for CDR Report

CDR Report is not the only document you write and provide to Australian Immigration, certain extra papers are to be given to EA which are discussed as follows:

  • A verified copy of the CDR application, self-signed by the engineering applicant.
  • A scanned copy of the applicant’s academic records.
  • Applicant’s recent Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • English linguistic tests score sheets like IELTS
  • Official translation of the documents to English where ever applicable.
  • Passport size photographs
  • Verified scanned copy of your identification documents like Passport
  • Original scans of your hiring letters of the companies that you have worked on.
  • Original scans of any letter of promotion, or experience letters from your supervisor/manager
  • Official scans of salary slips/bank statements to validate your salary claims

Summary Statement

The summary statement represents the cross-reference for all three career episodes in the CDR report. It is a complex yet vital part of CDR where you express all of your competency elements for the occupational category. The summary statement provides the first impression to your accessor of you as an engineer and it should contain all the necessary details including how well you executed your works and projects. It should include the following:

  • Overall project view
  • Contribution to the project
  • Steps you took to meet the goals and requirements

Why is CDR required?

An engineer needs a CDR to demonstrate the competency you have gained through your academics or on-job training, to Engineers Australia. EA will determine if your qualifications or skills meet the Australian Standard or not through your submitted CDR report. However, not everyone is going to obtain a positive response on their first try. As it takes a lot of skills, knowledge, and understanding about how to write a CDR report?

What Needs to be in a CDR Report According to Engineers Australia?

As specified in the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet, there are three major requirements for a CDR report to Engineers Australia:

  • Three Career Episodes
  • Summary Statement &
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CDR Report is not the only document you write and provide to Australian Immigration, certain extra papers are to be given to EA.


CDR skill assessment is established as one of Australia’s top CDR sample providers. We are known to offer our clients the best CDR Career Episode services through our highly skilled writing experts in engineering. You can request and access the CDR format for all the engineering disciplines through our official website. As Engineers Australia is strictly against plagiarism, make sure you use the available samples as a template and create one of your own. Choose us for high-quality services and 100% customer satisfaction.

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