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Exploring Rajput Royalty, Culture and Festivals in Jaipur

Rajput Royalty, Culture and Festivals In Jaipur

Rajput Royalty, Culture and Festivals In Jaipur

Jaipur the Pink City: Culture is vibrant and holds. Also, with the amazing festivals celebrated by the Jaipurites. As a result, it is known for its Rajput royalty. If you want to know more about the culture then you should explore the Jaipur. Because it has so many things and reasons to travel around and experience so we can’t describe gorgeousness, culture, festivals and its heritage in words. Let’s exploring Rajput  royalty, culture and festivals in Jaipur.

If you want to exploring Rajput royalty, culture and festivals in Jaipur in one day and your pre planned dated the Jaipur sightseeing tour package is best option for you. Also, you can add various activities in this tour package and different places around the Jaipur.

Jaipur ‘s Culture:

As all know, the beautiful Jaipur is known as the capital of Rajasthan. So, which makes it prosper in every field and rich in every single place. Jaipur holds Rajasthani touch in every field like: Festivals, culture as similar to the old ones, building’s architecture, clothes, footwear and languages.

Jaipur has more attractive places or monument which are must visited and worthy. Also, you can see here handmade purse, jutties, and jewels.

Popular For Its Art And Crafts:

As a result, 2 royal families ruled the Rajasthan most earlier of the times. The royal families: Rajput and Mughal. So, they shared many creative craft and royal architectural buildings and the most common thing loved the craft and art. Do you know the fact about their artist, are more skilled and brilliant of that time they had.

Performing Beautiful Arts

So, here you can see numerous Rajasthani live performance this royal place. Also, the talented artists perform fabulous variety of activities like: plays, nukkad natak, street circus and annual events performance. The Ghoomar dance is my favorite. Also, this is known as the Rajasthani folk dance.

As a result, the Jaipur has also famous for its Rajasthani folk dance performance like: Kalbeliya and Bhopa. So, you can see many painting in many exhibitions. Also, there were  a lot of tribe which were pretty popular for their beautiful art performance.

Delicious Food of Jaipur

As all know the Jaipur is world famous place for cuisines and Rajasthani food. So, here you can taste the mixture of Rajasthan by delicious Dal bati churma- Gatte ki sabji , Missi Roti and sweets Laddu, Feeni, Ghevar, Gajak, Gulab Jamun. Also, you can take some taste of street food in fairs and many other Jaipur’s festivals.

If you learn more about the places : What to Eat and Where to Eat in Jaipur you should request to your tour planner they will suggests you best option and also tailored best packages to add your convenient place in Jaipur sightseeing tour.

Jaipur: Fairs And Festivals

You know the India has 29 states, but each state has hold the diverse culture and festivals. So, the Rajasthan is one of the most rich in every aspect.

You can find Elephant Fair, Chasku Fair, Chhat ka Mela, Gangaure Mela . As a result, the fair of Teej holds impressive specialties among all those other ones. At Teej occasion, ladies prey for teej mata their husbands and unmarried girls pray for their future ones.

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