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Famous Oil Painting Portrait In The World

Oil Painting portrats are defined as the process of paintings with the help of pigments. They have seen drying oil as the binder. This dates back to the 7th Century AD. A lot of wide range art movements are known to be a part of it. The oldest known examples of oil paintings portrait were created by Buddhist artists in Afghanistan. The method was employed by artists in Europe as early as the 12th century. 

Mona Lisa – Oil painting portrait by Leonardo Da Vinci

It is a famous oil painting portrait and a masterpiece created in the Italian renaissance. Some believe da Vinci was still working on it in 1517.

It holds the record for the highest known insurance valuation in history: $100 million in 1962, which corresponds to $660 million in 2019.

The Starry Night- Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night is a dazzling oil on canvas work that currently displays in the MoMA. It is considered one of the most well-known paintings in Western art. It depicts the Post-Impressionist painter’s view from his asylum room in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France (with a fake hamlet below) around 1889. The Starry Night is the only nocturnal painting by Van Gogh, who painted several of same şişli escort scene.

The Kiss- Gustav Klimt

Between 1907 and 1908, Gustav Klimt, an Austrian Symbolist painter, created The Kiss. Klimt’s “Golden Period,” according to scholars, was at its pinnacle at this time.  The sculpture depicts two lovers embracing (thus the title Liebespaar, or lovers), dressed in Art Nouveau-style robes.

Girl WIth The Pearl Earring- Johannes Vermeer

Around 1665, Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer created the oil on canvas portrait Girl with a Pearl Earring. The painting now hangs in the Mauritshuis, a museum in The Hague, the Netherlands, and has been the topic of literary works throughout history (including Tracy Chevalier’s 1999 novel, Girl with a Pearl Earring, which tells a fictional account about the work’s creation).

Guernica- Pablo Picasso

During the Spanish Civil War in 1937, renowned Spanish artist Pablo Picasso painted Guernica, one of his most well-known works. In the middle of chaotic turmoil, this black and white oil on canvas painting depicts suffering humans and animals. Following the bombardment of Guernica, a Basque village in Spain, by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, Picasso painted it at his home in Paris. Spanish Nationalists at the time demanded the bombing.

Guernica’s stark depiction of war’s crimes earned it the title of “one of the most significant anti-war paintings in history,” according to affordable art critics, and it drew much-needed attention to the Spanish Civil War. The massive picture, which is 11’5″ tall (3.49 metres) and 25’6″ broad (7.76 metres), features a gored horse, a screaming woman, flames, a bull, and dismemberment. The picture now hangs in the Museo Reina Sofa, a 20th-century art museum in Madrid, Spain.

The Night Watch- Rembrandt van Rijn

Rembrandt van Rijn’s 1642 painting The Night Watch, also known as Militia Company of District II under the command of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq, is one of the most well-known works in the Rijksmuseum’s collection in Amsterdam. Another well-known oil painting on canvas, this work is a key piece from the Dutch Golden Age. The Night Watch is well-known for its enormous size, as well as the artist’s use of tenebrism (the dramatic use of light and shadow) and representation of movement.

Impression, Sunrise- Claude Monet

 Claude Monet created Sunrise (1872).  Impression, Sunrise is now on display in the Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris, France.


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