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We have seen many businesses indolent for copying the records of inbound emails they received and putting them in the SugarCRM software. Every hour we receive humongous emails from our potential leads and we always do long-winded tasks of copying and past the records one by one. Let’s burn this outdated method and try to dovetail our own business with the plugin called SugarCRM Email to Lead (Lite). What is it? Is it an extension to stop us from doing this tedious task? Excited to know? Keep reading till the end.

Overview of SugarCRM Email to Lead extension

Introducing this plugin for all businesses because it will play a vital role in creating and updating the records of inbound email in Sugar software without any error. It will handle this creating-updating records and everything will be done automatically. Worth it! The add-on doesn’t require any human efforts for records creation. SugarCRM Email to Lead automatically will do this process to save your precious time. 

Your team of every department is just fed up with this copy-paste task of records for your SugarCRM. Just put your investment in this extension to complete this task promptly. In addition to this, we will also offer you a “FREE PRODUCT TOUR” for clearing your doubts about the Installation and Configuration of the SugarCRM Email to Lead add-on. 

Ultimate features of Email to Lead (Lite) for your business

We have compiled a list of functions of this extension of Outright Store. Just stick to this blog to know more about this extension. 

  • Get the functionality of “Mapping of Field” where it’s much simpler for your CRM software to fetch the data and select fields with their default values. 
  • Another helpful feature of this add-on is “Fetch Email” where a user can select the email according to their requirement. 
  • Everyone is free to create the records in any module where they are ready to target. 
  • A user will get the functionality of Body Email Mapper in Customer Source Settings. It will help you to insert the mapper field to catch the email address. 
  • The extension will prevent duplicate emails when you receive an email twice with the same subject line and email address. 

Also, we have a very interesting story to share.

Once a client said that the team of his business manually copy and update the customer info in CRM. This was taking a huge time because bundles of info they received and manually updating is a time-taking for everybody. He asked for the solution and expected something that would boost the productivity of his team and they can pay attention to other critical work for the business to evolve. 

We replied, “Whenever you receive an email from any of your leads, the process must be updated automatically in your CRM. The record should be created swiftly with no human involvement. Our company believes in this process that is fully automated. So, we have introduced an Email to Lead extension in the market. It creates and updates records in any module of SugarCRM that you need. Also, the extension is super-advanced for keeping SPAM emails away from your business. All you need to do is just share the keyword or email in the SPAM detector module of this add-on. Our plugin will check everything and if it finds a similar keyword there then it will not create any record. So expect every ultimate feature from this extension.” 

Industries to adapt the product for the Lead generation process

Sales, Marketing, Real-estate, and so many organizations daily deal with a bunch of emails. Also, it is imperative to update their customers’ info in the CRM system. We believe in automation so that is why we launched this versatile add-on to save your time and grow your company. 


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