Few Responsive Web Design Mistakes and its Solution

Here are the few responsive web design mistakes and its solution

Today, when everyone has a mobile phone in his grasp, you genuinely must create a mobile-optimized site for your organization too.

According to statistics, practically 49% of all the overall web traffic comes from mobile gadgets. This points towards the way that on the off chance that your organization site isn’t mobile-optimized, odds are you will miss out on a huge section of your ideal interest group. Moreover, research shows that 40% of users will generally visit an organization’s website after a truly unfortunate mobile experience.

This plainly shows that a responsive site is basic for the drawn out existence of your business.

Responsive Web Design Mistakes and Solutions

Cluttering your Website

Mobile users are attracted to websites that are spotless and have relevant images. Any kind of stutter or buffering will promptly diverge the consideration of the users. This will prompt increased bounce rates. Simultaneously, the search engines will corrupt it while indexing. One significant justification for such an issue is the presence of additional images and recordings on the website.


To eliminate this problem, ensure that your website is free from any kind of media which doesn’t add esteem. At the point when you hire web design company to create a website for you, it’s important that the developer has lucidity on the ultimate objective of your organization. This will assist him with developing a laser-centered approach that will upgrade the quality of the site.

Use of Device Size as Breakpoints

According to reports, in the year 2020, the total number of Android users has transcended 2 billion. Along these lines, obviously websites are seen by thousands of users on multiple screens and gadgets. If you have any desire to prevail nowadays, you should create sites that are viable with multiple screen sizes.


The main manner by which you can settle this issue is by not limiting website designs with the goal that they can adjust to any screen size, at whatever point the need arises. Everything thing you can manage is settle on the mobile-first methodology. For this, you need to create your website for the littlest screens and continuously scale them to fit the bigger ones.

Failure in Gesture Designing

Sometime in the past manually navigating a website using a mouse was the main choice. Notwithstanding, today individuals utilize touch screens to explore. Users likewise apply gestures for navigation. The inability to execute motion designing can altogether damage the quality of the site.


The way to eliminating such a disappointment is to create a navigation framework that functions admirably with normal touch gestures. Your designer ought to likewise make sure to leave a space of 23 pixels between objects/resources on your website to avoid errors connected with interfacing.

Hiding Certain Contents

Do note that assuming you advise your designer to conceal certain substance while creating your website, it won’t stack without a hitch. Instead, in the event that your designer conceals content while creating a layout of your site for mobile gadgets, the site will stack extremely sluggish.


To avoid this, you need to ensure that your designer centers around building a spotless layout while omitting unnecessary substance. This can result in consistent page reloads.

Not Taking File Sizes into Account

It is actually the case that visual enhancements can undoubtedly increase the worth of your website. Watchers will be attracted to your website assuming that it’s visually appealing. In any case, it ought to be remembered that adding components to your website which are big in size, will increase your website’s heap time. An ascent in loading time will likewise prompt an increase in bounce rates. According to Akamai, bounce rates can increase up to 6%, on the off chance that pages require a little over 1.5 seconds to stack completely.


The conspicuous answer for this problem is to upgrade and reduce the images and recordings your website contains. Manners by which you can reduce the size of your website content is through tools like TinyPNG or Compress JPG. Assuming you are a WordPress user, the Smush plugin will compress your substance for you.


To contact your crowd there is absolutely not a chance in which you can disregard responsive web design. Nonetheless, you should be exceptionally careful while implementing it in light of the fact that even a minor error can make your website inaccessible to a user. Keep note of the arrangements mentioned above to keep away from various kinds of web design mistakes. All things considered, a cutting-edge web design draws in cheerful customers. Additionally, to avoid these mistakes you can go with Web development company Bangalore.

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