Field Technician job Description

The Field technician is responsible for providing customers with technical support and support through site visits. On-site technical services include troubleshooting technology problems, replacing faulty ones, improving system performance, testing equipment stability, reporting system crash, using safe vehicles and other equipment, and complying with customer infrastructure policy and acceptance. safety standards. An on-site project manager should have good communication and decision-making skills, as well as extensive knowledge of the technology industry.

What do Field technician experts do?

Field technician perform on-site assistance, such as troubleshooting, installation and deployment of systems and equipment. Completion and accuracy of daily work reports and work reports is a rule that the work involves the training of staff and owners. Artists should be able to work face-to-face with clients on a regular basis, providing training and product support. The site manager includes physical activity as well as some hardware upgrades.

Technicians must have a good knowledge of the product and be able to “think outside the box” if necessary. Experience with various computer systems is valuable. Applicants must be able to work daily without special supervision. Project management skills are useful because many projects need to ensure that equipment from multiple vendors is properly installed and coordinated. A lot of work is often done at once, so that technicians can keep track of many tasks at once and keep them updated.


This is an active example of how a good service provider stands for the services they can provide throughout their careers.

  • Manage multiple EMR applications / databases in all different types of SQL.
  • Manage the reliability, capacity a威而鋼
    nd performance of the network, as well as the integration of radio wave technology and policies.
  • Training to create and analyze drivers, TCP / IP gateway addresses.
  • Learn how to fix laptops quickly to find the parts you need for repair work.
  • Inspect the factory HVAC computer and network performance control equipment.
  • Provide desktop support for online communication problems in the client’s home.
  • Collaborate with NOC on troubleshooting.
  • Read the damaged TCP / IP package on Windows.
  • SCCM is used to organize and organize loads / images by default.
  • Installation of new store on NEC POS system and network equipment.
  • Perform system checks, FCC performance checks, and network CLI fixes.
  • Cover and push the copper side AC wire and drain the wire through the inlet.
  • Use AutoCAD to create detailed descriptions of engineering data for companies in a single row.
  • SCCM experience and testing for installing and installing new systems as well as rebuilding existing computers / laptops.
  • Replace defective antenna, router, radio and wiring if this is a problem.


Other skills may be useful for anyone looking to work as a professional in the field:

  • Ability to use, repair and maintain machines and devices
  • Attention and detail
  • good communication information
  • Problem solving skills
  • May work well with others.

How to become an Field technician?

There are various ways to become an expert in this field. You can complete tuition, college, college, or internships. If you already have the necessary skills or experience, you can apply immediately to the employer.

You need to look at these methods to find out which one is right for you. While some of these options require certain skills, many employers are interested in amateurs who are willing to learn and can follow instructions.


The expected salary of a Field technician varies according to experience.

  • Professionals in the area can buy between £ 17,000 and £ 25,000
  • Experienced field professionals can earn between £ 25,000 and £ 40,000
  • Specialists working in this field can earn £ 40,000 or more.

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