File Format of NSF to PST Extension Conversion without Efforts?

Convert NSF to PST file Using NSF to PST Converter

Here, what is NSF? The questions arrive by users and we are here to provide you with the correct answer so stay tuned till the article ends.

Notes Storage Facility aka NSF is an extension of Files by IBM Lotus Notes. Lotus notes itself an application to send or receive the mails or Internet emails also used to fix any assignation, browsing Web and in many other things.

Whereas, PST aka Personal Storage Table is also a File Extension or a format of a file held by Outlook from Microsoft.

As both are famous Clients for Emailing processes. But with IBM Lotus Notes, users faced problems like Capacity of Storage of the System, coexistence and design, etc.

So, the Conversion of the .nsf file to the format of a .pst would be a must which can be the hardest part for the users to take it down. But with the help of the NSF to PST Exporter Tool users will get the experience of Experts. Before conversion, let’s go through the reasons to convert NSF to PST File Formats.

  • Low in Budget of the Outlook then IBM Lotus Notes which could be the principal reason to Migrate NSF to PST extension.
  • Elevated Non-Practical Skills are required to operate Lotus Notes.
  • Many operations can be performed in a single period in Outlook, as where IBM Lotus Notes failed in it.
  • Outlook of Microsoft consists of Reliable characteristics and manages data in a great way than that of Lotus Notes.
  • So, we hope the overhead points made your thoughts related to the conversion of NSF to PST extensions.

The Procedure of NSF to PST Conversion:

  • Manually Operative Method
  • Converter Expert (NSF to PST Importer Software)

Let’s get set Go! The First Procedure of Conversion is the Manually Operative Method.

Create a backup of files .nsf extension before following the Manually Operative Method which consists of 2 parts to execute. That is:

  1. .nsf file extensions needed to be exported to a middle CSV File.
  2. After that import those CSV Files to Outlook.
  3. NSF Files needed to be exported to a CSV Format which is a middle file.
  4. IBM Lotus Notes must be installed in the device first of all if not, installation is a demand.
  5. Click on the File and Open the Lotus Notes Software.
  6. In the Showing Window, locate the NSF File and hit the Unlock Button.
  7. Option of Migrate will be displayed on File Menu.
  8. Enter the name of the File, its location, and its saving type in the dialog box of import.

Note:- CSV (comma-structured value) must be chosen as file type while saving the file.

9. Now in the Export Dialog Box of CSV kindly select options as needed and hit OK to process it further.

10. Here, the migrated data gets saved into a CSV file. After that Data that is migrated gets saved in a file with an extension of .csv.

Procedures for importing a file of extension CSV in Outlook:

  • Locate and Open Outlook in local system of yours.
  • Register yourself by updating your profile and Hit the File Tab in Menu.
  • By clicking on Import/Export, a box will generate a message showing to import file or program and hit Next.
  • Choose the correct File Type as CSV.
  • Locate and attach the CSV File format for importing and hit on Next.
  • Choose the folder for the destination and again hit on Next to let move forward the task.
  • Map the File after Starting and mark the Checkbox and hit Finish.
  • Take a Breath for some time till the task gets completed.

Important characteristics of NSF to PST Converter Expert:

  • Conversion of .nsf to .psf file Format very Fluently.
  • Conversion in the batch is very efficient and salient characteristics. Therefore, add more than one NSF File Format and make them convert at a single time.
  • No limitation for Size of File in it. It can hold NSF files of large size and convert at a single time altogether.
  • It also holds an export characteristic that does not interrupt the process of conversion without any duplicate processed module.
  • By introducing PSF making limit in the size by breaking huge NSF file Format to low sized PST file Format.
  • Date is coalition and safe in the Expert
  • It holds up every version Server of Domino, Outlook, Windows OS, and IBM Notes.

Procedures for NSF to PST Converter Expert:

Swiftly Conversion of .nsf to .pst file extension:-

  • Software should be installed first and Open.
  • Hit on the option of Add to attach NSF files from Bar. Conversion of .nsf to .pst file Extension swiftly of Image 1.
  • Here, Attach by searching NSF files and choose the file which is needed to convert and hit Ok Button. Conversion of .nsf to .pst file Extension swiftly of Image 2.
  • Hit PST file from the Bar and Conversion of .nsf to .pst file Extension swiftly of Image 3.
  • Select/Deselect Sub-Folders and hit on Next. Conversion of .nsf to .pst file Extension swiftly of Image 4.
  • Select the Targeted Location. Moreover, users can file put Password Protection to PST file and break the final PST in low size groups by entering the limit of the size. The gradual transfer option is also available to restart the break-in operation. Conversion of .nsf to .pst file Extension swiftly of Image 5.
  • Choice of Filter by utilizing message date only by exporting the File and hitting the Next button. Conversion of .nsf to .pst file Extension swiftly of Image 6.
  • NSF to PST file Conversion operation sets to complete Palm. Finally Hit Finish. Conversion of .nsf to .pst file Extension swiftly of Image 7.
  • Therefore, the Manually Operative Method help useless to convert the NSF File Format to PST File Format. In which, NSF to PST Conversion utility is the finest, expeditious, and facile application to Export NSF File to PST File. The Demo version is available to get pleased with its performance.

Conclusion of the Article.

The Article explores the Procedures for the conversion of NSF File Format to PST File Format. For which Two Procedures were described above. One is Outlook’s migrating the Files which is simply an implied approach as importing NSF file Format Data to CSV File Format and then uploading the CSV file on Outlook. And the second is the automatic approach by using the Datavare NSF to PST Converter Software. Which itself is the best part professionals use to complete their Daily procedures without any headache.

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