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Get Better Hoarding Board Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

A blank hoarding is missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. It’s also the most cost-effective method of advertisement when compared to outdoor, radio, print and television advertising. It’s the ultimate marketing plan since there are metres of billboard space that is free foamex board printing!

Make sure to create suspense and excitement to make locals talk or use big bright images of your new website. It is recommended by the HSA that hoarding panel is placed around developments to stop unauthorised access as well as aid in noise and dust control.

Especially for road-side work designed and properly built must be built to protect construction sites. Alternate arrangements should be made to ensure that the normal pedestrian and public vehicle traffic isn’t put at risk due to any modifications implemented.


  •         One-time cost with a guaranteed return on investment (return of investment)
  •         No time limitations
  •         Highly evident
  •         No restrictions on content
  •         The only limitation to your creativity is your imagination.
  •         Chance to increase and promote sales
  •         Aesthetics can build good relationships with local businesses and neighbours
  •         Printing Panels are a great option for both commercial and residential developments

For residential constructions it’s a great option for small – to medium-sized builders to advertise themselves. You can purchase a 4ft 1ft x 1ft logo board and place it on painted wood. Recently, there’s been a trend towards more attractive hoarding, and we suggest going one step further. So why not consider adding an 8ft x 4ft hoardings sign featuring high-quality images foamex board printing.

In creating a billboard using signs you can use to attract new customers and sales leads. Commercial construction is the most cost-effective method to advertise your commercial website. This strategy of marketing is popular across Europe and the UK. UK and Europe that in turn boosts interest and generates leads.

There are futuristic photos of the proposed development, along with contact information for sales inquiries and marketing for the construction firm who will be managing the construction. If you’re using a blank canvas that’s screaming about a marketing vision. High-quality images of the building you’re planning to build generates buzz.

Both commercial and residential construction, having attractive hoarding signs can improve neighbours and also gives your company a great image that will result in sales. We offer both temporary and long-lasting hoarding signage options.

For the needs of hoarding in the short term, we recommend corriboard. It is a polypropylene flute sheet that has two wall structures making it light and yet strong. Because it is able to take any ink well and is extremely cost-effective, it’s the best option when a full hoarding wall in colour is required for temporary outdoor signage foamex board printing.

Hoarding For Short-Term Use

For hoarding requirements that last for a long time, we suggest 8ft x four feet of metal hoarding panels. We use 3mm site hoarding panels materials, it’s a mixture made up of two (.2mm) aluminum outer layers that are permanently joined to the solid polyethylene core that results in a highly durable yet lightweight, super smooth and lightweight (or the reverse is matt) sheeting. It is ideal for flat applications, both long and short term, both indoor and outdoor.

Hoarding For Long-Term

If you’re looking to expand your commercial expansion and want to make it more visible, why not get an indication of development? Development signs can be used together with hoarding signage.

Are There Other Hoarding Substrates?

While the quick answer is yes, these are exceptions that are very rare. We’ve used heavy-weight banners on hoardings of timber before, however we think that in a short period of time it will begin to deteriorate and not reflect your brand’s image over the long haul.

There may be an immediate project in which this could be a good idea. We’ve also witnessed Foamex employed in hoarding projects. While there could be a slight savings to be made however, the overall appearance of your hoarding may be compromise. What is the lifespan of hoarding boards?

How Can Hoarding Installation Help Your Business grow? One of the Trusted Hoarding Companies?

It’s no secret that the City of London is a busy place with thousands of people walking through its streets every single day. Business owners who are smart will want to attract these commuters by trying to figure out ways to distinguish themselves in this bustling city centre.

But how do hoarding companies help you achieve this? Although construction of foamex board printing is essential in terms of security, hoardings for advertising could make a huge difference in the visibility of your brand.

Hoarding installation is an effective opportunity to let the world know about your company’s name, who you are, what you offer, and the services you have to offer clients in the city.

1. It Helps Spread The Word.

Even if your company’s name is well-known throughout the UK, not everyone who commutes in London is aware of the purpose of your business or what it represents. Advertising hoarding boards provide an opportunity to achieve that.

The vast size of these boards creates an appealing advertisement. They also have enough space to share your message throughout all of the City of London – with the logo, images, and any other information you would like to share directly onto the hoarding.

2. You’ll Actually Be Seen

The issue with online advertising is that a majority of companies have it as a top priority but with different levels of effectiveness. Although you can evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns by the number of engagement and clicks however, you may not get the large public you’re hoping for.

Hoarding companies and their hoardings for construction sites can help. Alongside commercial fencing, advertisement hoarding boards function to create physical obstacles that visitors are likely to see as they walk to or from work and help you stand out from the other teams from the region.

3. Positive Advertising

What number of times have you turned away from something because of sheer frustration? While advertising methods become increasingly annoying, people are starting to appreciate old-fashioned methods more than ever before.

Hoardings can be pleasant distractions that draw the attention of people going out for lunch, on walks or at the station in London’s City of London. This makes it an investment worth it that will not cause a fuss for people trying to view their content on the internet.

4. It’s Much Less Expensive Than You Would Think

Hoarding on commercial and construction sites as well as fencing is vital to ensure safety In light of this it is sensible to utilise hoarding firms for your benefit. The addition of a unique advertisement to the board can provide a variety of advantages, and has only a few negatives.

It’s generally less expensive than advertising on television, and you don’t have to pay for expensive billboards in London. You could even reuse hoarding boards in the future to use for another project or to target a different type of target audience.

An Efficacious Method to Promote Your Business

Making waves in the London region is much simpler to say than done. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a construction project and require hoarding installation or a brand new service you’d like to communicate with bold language bollard covers companies help. We construct commercial fencing, construct hoarding for construction sites, and will work with you right from the start to present your business in the best possible light.



Board Printing Company based in London offers a complete printing solution for businesses and individuals.

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