Glashütte Original replica watches: Senator series of series carding

When it comes to Glashütte’s Senator series, I believe everyone is inspired. It is a classic series, and the classic 39-59-01-02-04 watch is even more difficult to find. In fact, in addition to the Senator that you know better, there are other forms of replica watches in the Senator series family. Today I will give you an overview of the Glashütte Original Senator series.

There are many branches under the Senator series. Today, I will simply divide it for everyone. The first is the Senator Karree series, the Senator Navigator series, the Senator Meissen series, the Senator Essence series and other Senator watches. Some watches that cannot be summarized in the series. For the time being, we have put all the models in the Senator’s other replica watches.

Senator Essencebest fake watches

The Senator Essence Series models, which are the Senator models we often talk about and think in our hearts, have peach-shaped blue steel hands, orbital minute scales, and Roman numeral hour markers. It is very easy to distinguish it in the Senator series.

The most classic Senator Essence series models have the main features of the Senator Essence series best fake watches, Roman numeral hour markers, peach-shaped blue steel hands, orbital minute scales, and the double G logo at the end of the central second hand. The classic entry-level watch of Glashütte’s original Senator Essence series, that is, this watch is sometimes really hard to find.

best fake watchesIn addition to simple models, the Senator Essence series has many complex models, including perpetual calendars, tourbillon models, and this world-renowned tourbillon model. In the Senator Essentials range, I’m including it in the Senator Essentials range because I feel it has a lot of the characteristics of Glashütte’s original Senator Essentials range.

best fake watches

This Universal Tourbillon is the most unique and sophisticated watch ever made by the Glashütte brand. It took six years from initial conception, design, and assembly to complete.

It presents the world and its 37 time zones precisely in a space of 8.72 cubic centimeters, making it the watch of choice for travel enthusiasts.

In addition, it is also the world’s first mechanical watch that integrates a variety of complex functions. It adopts a unique flying tourbillon, and the watch breaks through the design of backward adjustment perpetual calendar, automatic synchronization of date and time zone, etc. problem. Glashütte has applied for four patents to protect its design and fake watches

In addition to the one with peach blossom needles, orbital minute scales, and Roman numeral hour markers, the Senator Essence series watch has another model, just like the model in the picture above, which uses sword-shaped hands.

With the design of the bar minute scale and the bar hour markers, Glashütte has made the function of this watch more finely divided. There are large calendars, dynamic storage plus calendars, moon phase enlarged calendars, weekly calendars, full calendars, and perpetual calendars.

The Senator Essence series also has the existence of such a special watch, which combines the characteristics of the previous two watches, the peach blossom needle. The Roman time scale and the matching bar-shaped minute scale are also relatively complicated and special replica watches, so I will talk about them separately here. In addition to the characteristic large date display window, the watch also has a complex split-seconds chronograph function and a flyback function.

Senator Meissen models

One of the most striking features of the Senator Meissen collection is the two blue swords on the dial, also hand-painted. Hour markers, the difference is that the watch does not have an orbital minute scale, and it uses a hand-made Meissen disk dial design. At present, there are 18K white gold and 18K rose gold models to choose from.

In addition to the simple models, Senator Meissen also owns tourbillon watches, as well as some specially customized Replica Watches Toppest, such as the Mason enamel tourbillon Dragon Year limited edition watch, and the Mason enamel painted nine-dragon wall watch, limited to 9 sets, each set of 9 pieces . The common feature is the design of the Mason enamel dial, which is also the main feature of this series.

Senator Navigator modelsReplica Watches Toppest

The Senator Navigator series is a watch series specially made by Glashütte for pilots. The elements of a pilot watch are solid and durable, and the dial design is simple and easy to read. Therefore, when designing the Senator Navigator series, watchmakers were “lost”. Designers have painted hands with green luminous material to display the hours and minutes, and the dial has a traditional equilateral triangle at 12 o’clock. The Senator Navigator series also offers a large date display and a chronograph for pilots. Provides the most useful functions.

The Senator Navigator series watch is also full of features in design. Glashütte has applied luminous material to all the scales and blue hands of the watch. Following the traditional production method, the watchmaker decorated the case with a silk effect and matched it with an embossed leather strap.

Senator Karree models

The Senator Karree series is a barrel-shaped watch in the Glashütte men’s watch. Although this definition is a bit simple and rude, it is also the easiest for everyone to understand. This elegant shape, just right, is the result of more than two years of research. It was not easy to match the circular design of the Senator watch collection with a square shape.

The aim was to create a Senator watch with a clear outline, while retaining the details of the Karree model. Seven different patterns were drawn up during the research and development process,

and in the end all requirements were satisfactorily met. The Senator Karree collection embodies the highest technology in watchmaking and represents a perfectly uniform design.

The commonality of the Senator Navigator series watches is the barrel-shaped case design. There are large calendar models, large calendar plus moon phase models, moon phase plus power reserve models,

chronograph models, calendar plus chronograph models, perpetual calendar models and Tourbillon model. What needs to be said is that the entire series of Senator Navigator is equipped with padded handmade straps,

and the rounded ends are close to the edge of the watch, which is absolutely comfortable to wear.

Other models of the Senator

In addition to the above small series of watches, the Senator also has some other replica watches. Although they belong to the Senator series, they do not belong to the above small series,

so I will list some of the remaining Senator watches here. All items are placed here. I personally think that Glashütte’s product series has certain problems, and the official series division is also disorganized.

Replica Watches Toppest

The first is this watch with rich Breguet colors. I really don’t know which small series to put it in the Senator. The classic small three-pin design, fish-eye needle, and a bezel decorated with coins are also of the same type. Commonalities in watches.

In addition to the fish-eye needle, there is this kind of stick-shaped pointer with an upper triangular hour-marker

and a watch made of a 12-sided bezel. Although the watch also has significant features, there are few official data. I can see the description of this type of watch, so it is also included in other Senator watches.

This kind of watch with Mercedes-Benz needle is very rare, and it is basically no different from Rolex’s Mercedes-Benz needle. Which small series in the Senator should belong to, I don’t know yet,

so I put him in the Senator Other in the watch.

Through the sorting out of the Glashütte Senator series, we know that the Glashütte Original replica brand series is not perfect. Maybe it was after 2000, that is, after being acquired by Swatch,

that we paid attention to the division of the series. In fact, we hope that Glashütte is more. Sudi brand can give a complete brand series division standard,

which will be very helpful for everyone to understand the brand culture.

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