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Global Health Insurance Guidelines for International Students in the UK

Are you planning to study in the UK as an international student? You will probably know that an international study lasts for a minimum of two years. Have you thought about the situations you can face during this period? You can be sick. God forbid you will have a road accident. Who will come to take care of you? Your parents won’t be there to take care of you. You have to have someone who can look after you in such circumstances. Who will that be? Today’s article is all about that who. Global Health Insurance companies will be the ones who will take care of your health instead of your parents.

Having international insurance can prove to be your lifeline if something happens to you during your stay in the UK. Like most of the countries, the UK also requires international students’ global health insurance documents. It is their main requirement if anyone wants to study visa in the UK. This document will serve as proof that you have adequate health coverage. Such global health insurance plans are ideal for international students in the UK and tourists. This article will discuss the important guidelines for obtaining global insurance and its benefits.

Important Guidelines:

There are some important things that an individual must know before buying international health insurance. Experts of Affordable Dissertation UK, a students’ consultant firm have explained these guidelines below;

  • Several companies in the UK provide insurance when you insure a huge sum of money. They also take into consideration the duration of your studies in the UK. The required amount can range from 20 lakhs to 1 crore. Thus, buying such insurance can be costly for international students as they have already paid huge fees. Also, these insurances come with strict policies and terms and conditions. Therefore, the strict terms and conditions may restrict the use of complete insurance benefits.
  • Many times you may be required to spend money from your pocket. It happens due to the high prices of international treatment. The amount you will insure won’t be enough to cover the medical expenses. In this situation, the hospitalization costs can surge up beyond your expectations. You can’t do anything in this situation except spend money from your own pockets. Therefore, hiring an insurance company that can provide health services during your whole stay is always recommended.
  • Global health insurance is approximately 3 to 4 times expensive compared to buying a basic health plan. This price is due to the benefits that these insurances offer. They also offer repayments and reimbursements. An insurance company can’t have hospitals in each country and state. In such cases, the international students in the UK have to bear the initial costs of the treatment. The students also have to bear costs if they get treatment from a hospital not on the insurance company’s list. But students don’t have to worry. The payments made by them will be reimbursed to them later. The insurance company will repay all the costs of providing the necessary documents.

Benefits of Global Health Insurance

The benefits of having global health insurance for international students in the UK are endless. A brief description of some of the major benefits is as follows;

Protection from financial loss

Like every insurance, global health insurances protect students from financial loss. In the hometown of a student, the prices can be reasonable. It may be possible that the students have not paid much attention to their treatment prices. But, the medical treatment prices in the UK are relatively high. It is due to the top-quality health care and health system. The point is that without having global insurance, students might not be able to afford hospitals’ fees.

Most international students in the UK work part-time to earn their livelihood. Such students can suffer great financial loss in case of emergency health problems. Global health insurance providers come into play at this stage. They protect students from financial loss and provide them with every facility they can.

Premium access to healthcare

Global health insurance provides the students with premium healthcare. They also offer freedom of choosing any hospital, clinic or doctor for a medical check-up. Most of the international students in the UK are from Asian countries. The medical facilities in Asian countries are not that much good. Therefore, buying global health insurance is of benefit for students.

Another important thing is that most students visit other European states during summer break. If the students have only bought UK’s insurance to improve their healthy lifestyle, they will have to buy a new policy for the new country. It is what students can’t afford. Thus to enjoy premium healthcare access in other European states, it is beneficial to have global health insurance.

Cover for emergencies

When you or your family member meets an emergency, the real benefit comes into play. God forbid you met an accident in the UK. In the accident, your leg broke, and it needs a replacement as soon as possible. Your global health insurance will bear all the expenses of your surgery. Now, for a moment, think about the expenses of replacing a leg. The expenses may go beyond the earnings of your whole life. You won’t be charged with a single penny with a global insurance policy. It is the biggest advantage of having an insurance policy that operates on a global level.

Moreover, it will also cover the fee of local ambulances and rehabilitation. Sometimes, the global insurance providers cover the non-medical costs too. For example, the cost of medical evacuations. It will also cover the travel costs of a family member who will visit you in case of a medical emergency.


The benefits of global health insurance are huge, like a mountain. On the other hand, there are many scammers too in the world. Such service providers take the money of international students and get away with it. Therefore, you need to be cautious when buying international health insurance. In the end, an international student must buy a health insurance policy to ensure that he is safe in the UK.

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