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Goechala Dzongri Trek: A Guide For Trekkers


Sikkim is among the most beautiful states in northeastern India and offers stunning beautiful trekking spots. Trekkers through Sikkim will be able to see stunning villages, gorgeous nature and wildlife, and be able to reach the top in the mountain ranges. The trek in Sikkim can provide an exciting and thrilling experience to all. One of the most sought-after trekking routes within Sikkim is Goechala Dzongri trek.


Here’s the complete information on the Goechala Dzongri trek:

This trek is an unforgettable trek because it allows viewers the view of not just one summit, but also 14 other major summits. This trek provides stunning and breathtaking views of the mountain ranges of Kanchenjunga. The path to Goecha La and Dzongri leads to the routes of Tshoka that leads to Phedang and eventually to Dzongri. Goecha La trek gives trekkers breathtaking and stunning mountains that include Kanchenjunga, Pandim and many more. The trekkers will have to traverse stunning forests and valleys before reaching the top in the hike. The altitude is approximately 4939 meters.


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Trekking days- 11

The difficulty will range from intermediate to hard.

Its Base Camp is in Yuksom.

The most essential things to have with you on this hike are: I’d suggest proof, torch and batteries backup comfortable trekking shoes, cameras, binoculars, enough drinking water and food as well as energy drinks, an extra set of clothes including sunglasses, toiletries moisturizers and a emergency box. It is recommended to wear a long-sleeved shirt and track pants that are long because it is comfortable to walk in. It is also necessary to master the basics of mountaineering for this hike.


Highlights Of Goechala Dzongri Trek


Sunrise from the plateau of Kanchenjunga

A sunrise view from the mountain mountains of Kanchenjunga is probably the most memorable part of this trek.



The path of the Goechala trek is lined with stunning rhododendrons. This stunning forest is overflowing with the beauty of rhododendrons during the months of April through May.


The Samiti Lake

Within the Goechala trek, trekkers will also be able to see another feature in this trek i.e. the majestic Samiti lake. It also has the reflection of Mount. Pandim within Samiti lake. Samiti lake.


A monastery in Tshoka

The trekkers will be able to view the Tshoka Monastery as they climb nearly 9500 feet. The monastery is not situated in Tshoka. The pilgrims must take a different path and then walk across the bridge made of wood over the pond.


Camping near the at the foot of Pandim

The most stunning and beautiful spot in the Goechala Dzongri trekking route is Thansing. It is situated next to the prekchu river, endless talks nightly stargazing, bonfires and nights of stargazing makes the trek amazing and unforgettable.


Dense Jungle at 12000 feet

The trek is loved by many since it allows them the opportunity to trek through dense forest to attain the summit point. This trek is well-known in Sikkim due to bird watching. It is also possible to visit the beautiful Kanchenjunga National Park.


Three Suspension Bridges

The people must cross the 3 suspension bridges: Pha Khola, Tshushay Khola and Mentagong Khola through which the stunning Prekchu rivers flows. It also offers incredible and unforgettable experiences to all.


Carry Important Documents

It is essential that people keep their ID cards, both the original and photocopies. It could be a driving licence or passport, or Aadhar card. The applicants must have a valid I’d at the department of forest. Without the required documents, the forest department won’t permit them to hike.

It is recommended to keep important documents in the plastic case and place it in your pocket to avoid it becoming wet.


Suitable Time To Trek

The most appropriate period to hike is between April and May i.e. Spring season , and October through November i.e. the autumn season.


Trekking In Spring

In April, visitors can see the gorgeous Rhododendrons. The number of rhododendrons is increased once they arrive at Tshoka. It is also possible to spot snow patches at higher elevations in the trek, but not as often as Uttarakhand as well as Himachal Pradesh.


Trekking In Autumn

When people are able to travel through dense forests , it offers an exhilarating and exciting adventure to everyone.



Here is the complete details on Goechala Dzongri trek. The ideal time to go on this thrilling and thrilling hike with their families and their friends. It’s a wonderful and thrilling trek that will not be forgotten in the course of a lifetime.

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