Gojek Clone 2022

The Big Brother of the Powerful Gojek Clone App has had a Colossal Success amongst Sharp-Witted Entrepreneurs like you because it is enshrined with Two of the Most Futuristic and State-Of-The-Art Features! But its Most-Endearing Quality is that it can make you a Billionaire! How? The Entire Credit goes to its Profit-Centric Business Models and Advertisement-Driven Revenue Model.



The Service Providers have to pay a certain Percentage of their Earnings per Order/Service to the App Owner as Commission. This Commission Based Business Model is a Money-Making Machine for Entrepreneurs like you. 

And it is the App Owner who decides the Commission Rates of each of the Services based on their Demand in the Market. That is why these Rates differ with the genre of the Service offered.


The App Owner designs Subscription Plans with Varying Validity Periods such as Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annually. Each of these Subscription Plans come with a Specific Expiry Date. The Service Providers buys any one of the many Subscription Plans by making a One-Time Payment to the App Owner. Having done that, the Service Providers no longer have to Pay Commissions Per Order.

Yet again, It is You, My Fellow Smart Entrepreneur, who decides the Number of Days before the Plan Expiration Date that the Service Provider starts getting In-App Push Notifications for Plan Renewals. And if the Plan Expires, then the Service Provider can no longer accept Service Requests.



If you choose this Path, then be Ready to dedicate at least 7-8 Years of your Life into Building this App from Ground Up. You’ll first need to conduct a thorough Market Research to understand the Demographics of your Target Area and which all Services are highest in Demand.

Hire a Highly-Efficient Team

To Code Essential App Development Components such as User Android App, User iOS App, Service Provider Android App, Service Provider iOS App, Store App, Website and Admin Panel. 

You’ll need an Army of IT Professionals who have at least a Decade’ worth Field Experience! So who do you need? Android Developers, an iOS Developer, a PHP Expert, a Systems Analyst, a Database Analyst, a Content Writer, a Quality Assessment Expert and a Project Manager.

3-4 Years just to build the Working Prototype of the App?

Yes, even with the Entire Adept Professionals on Board, you’ll need to spare 4 years into coding a Working Model of the Prototype! Add to that couple of more years for Perfecting and Enhancing this Prototype into a Fully-Functional App. By the end of the Sixth Year, your App is Ready and Feature-Rich! But you can’t Launch it just yet!

Beta-Testing and Market Testing

Your All-In-One-Services App needs to be Beta-Tested for at least six months before Market-Testing it for at least a Year. It is important to check how seamless its User-Interface is before launching it on the App Stores

Need to splurge $ 250,000 USD?

It’s not a Joke. You have to pay Six-Figure Salaries to the Industry Experts you have hired every single Month for 8 Straight Years. Also, you need to contribute to their Provident Funds, award them Medical and Financial Incentives. Incur the Infrastructural Costs of Renting Out an Office Premise, and Subscription Costs of all the Software needed by your Team


Buy a Ready-Made Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Optimized App from a Well-Established White-labeling Firm of Global Repute. Not only you’d be able to Go Live with your very Own App in Record 1-2 Weeks, you’ll start raking in Profits from Day 1 of the Launch! And Guess what, it will cost you Peanuts compared to the Gigantic Figure of a Quarter of Million US Dollars when building it from scratch!


Have you always aspired to be an Entrepreneur? Do you want to Join the Forbes World’ Billionaires List of 2022? Then contact a White-Labeling Firm ASAP! You’ll be a Proud Gojek Clone App Owner by the end of the Week!

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