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Best Social Media Marketing Agency in London

SMEs often lack the human and budgetary resources to prioritize their marketing activities. Nevertheless, more and more SMEs are seeing social media marketing as a way to engage and grow their customer base and brand awareness. Thus, more and more SMEs use their Facebook page to be present on the platform where their customers are active. You can get the services of Best Social Media Marketing Agency in London.

Each social network is unique

If you treat your Twitter followers like your Facebook fans, there will be a small but very real chance that they will execute you in public. Nothing drives a loyal twitter follower away than redirecting them to a Facebook post. If you can’t say it in 140 characters, don’t say it at all! Test the type of content that works on each network (photos, texts, links, videos) and identify the point of contact between the message of your company and the singularity of this platform.

Be authentic

Users are increasingly frustrated by the bland and artificial content posted by brands. As a result, marketers should focus on engaging with their audience rather than forcing content on them. By talking openly about topics that are relevant to your customers, you will be more valued as a business. This allows you to make your online presence stronger and connect with your community, improving the effectiveness of your advertising while simultaneously reducing costs.

Don’t be rude, respond to your customers

Social media is the perfect forum for customer service and fans show their appreciation when brands take good care of them. An active presence on Facebook and Twitter can be the difference between a lost sale and a new opportunity.

Responding publicly to your customers’ posts on social network will show potential customers that you provide good customer service. This means that they can reach you on their terms.

Pay to play, but don’t break the bank

More and more brands are using sponsored posts strategically and effectively, which puts off those who do not use them. Allocate a test budget to sponsored content and support content that performs well organically. This gives your audience (and through their interactions – your potential audience) more of what they already value.

Don’t be everywhere

It might sound strange coming from social media evangelists like us, but not every business needs to be on every social network, especially if time and money are scarce.

Give your content an honest review and focus on the social networks that are right for your business right now.

Give exclusive offers

Users do not follow their neighborhood cafe for opening hours. They want privileges, a limited time offer with free cookies when we tweet with the #(insert campaign hashtag). Include your community with a touch of exclusivity. Create special online offers that will give your fans and followers the value of belonging to your online community.

Use hashtags to increase your appearance in searches

Hashtags are not only campaign levers and ways to give a humorous touch to your posts, they are also a good way to reach a new audience interested in your topics. Do you tweet about travel? Add #ttot or #TravelTuesday to your content and join an active community that is already talking about your topic.

Set achievable goals

When it comes to setting and achieving social media growth goals marketers need to think SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely). Don’t just look at your competitor’s page hoping to catch up, think about your priorities and give value to each goal you achieve.


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