Hampta Pass – Top 5 reasons why it should be your first Himalayan trek

Hampta Pass: An Introduction

Hampta Pass is one of the most sought-after treks in Himachal Pradesh. The trek starts from the beautiful hamlet of Sethan and ends in the barren lands of Chattru in Spiti valley. Hampta Pass is a trail that has been used by the sheperds for centuries to cross the Kullu valley and reach Spiti valley. It is one of the prettiest treks in Himachal Pradesh.
The trek is also DIY, that means if you are experienced enough, you can do the trek on your own. There are 100s of trekking groups in India that will organise the trek in the monsoons.
Best Season: Monsoons (June to September)
Distance: 20-25 km
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Ideal for: Beginners & Experienced Trekkers 
Here we list the top 5 reasons why Hampta Pass should be your first Himalayan Trek!

A 4-day trek with only 20-25 kms to cover

Hampta Pass trek is a short 4-day trek with only 20-25 km covered compared to other treks. 

It covers an average of 5-6 km every day, which is ideal for first-timers. The elevation gain is also less.

We would recommend this trek to people who are starting on their Himalayan journey.

Because with such minimal effort, one can witness different landscapes & enjoy the trek.

The best campsite for stargazing on the Hampta Pass Trek

Balu ka Gera, the name sounds scary, but it has got nothing to do with bears. This campsite also acts as your summit campsite, as you start your summit for Hampta Pass from this camp.

Because this campsite is at an elevation of 12,000+ ft., it offers the best views of the entire valley. If there are clear skies, you can witness millions of stars and the milky way if you are lucky.

From the lush green Kullu valley to the barren landscapes of Spiti

It’s a crossover trek that starts from Sethan and ends in Chattru, 
On one side, the Kullu valley is full of vegetation & on the other side, you will see the cold & barren landscapes of the Spiti valley.
This change in the landscape feels unnatural and is yet it is one of the best features of this trek.

Chandrataal Lake: Cherry on the cake after Hampta Pass

Most trekking companies include Chandrataal lake (also known as the moon lake). At an altitude of 4250M in the Spiti valley. It takes around 4-5 hours to visit Chandrataal lake from the Chattru campsite. 
It is one of the most picturesque lakes in Himachal Pradesh and even looks better during the full moon.
There are dedicated campsites around 1-2 km away from the lake because camping near the lake is not allowed.

A mesmerising video of the Hampta Pass trek

A beautiful ASMR-type video of the Hampta Pass trek by Ronny & Barty will urge you out of your comfort zone and head to Himachal.
Watch their entire video for the grand views of the valley, the waterfalls along the trails, the river crossings & the huge snowscapesTo know more visit,
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