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Hooping And Stitching On Hats With Melco Embroidery Machine | 2 Important Process

If you don’t understand Embroidery Hoops then browse our article Embroidery Hoops and Why They Matter. Melco embroidery machine offers you the foremost versatile and controlled embroidery work that forestalls embroidery from distortion.


Although Hooping And sewing on hats are a bit technical however Melco Embroidery Machines modify the method. Melco Embroidery machines are thought-about one of the simplest embroidery machines. These machines will do multiple tasks and provide smart quality embroidery while not harming the fabric, and that’s why these are the world’s best and most vital marketplace for embroidery functions in Industrial secrets about screen printing.

Following kinds of Hats, you’ll Use

PDF Hats

Hooping and sewing on Hats like OPF hats are straightforward to embroider as a result they need backpacks with lamination, and as there’s no central purpose thus you’ll place them on the gage and fix it.

Sports Cap

Sports Cap/Hat is a choice if you’re searching for Hooping and sewing on Hat. as a result these hats have a stream within the center at the front aspect in a very downward direction. thus it’s straightforward to lock the stream with a line on the cap frame for online embroidery digitizing services.

Hooping And sewing On Hat With Melco Embroidery Machine – a pair of Steps method

1. Hooping A Hat

  • Before beginning the hooping of a cap, first, you recognize the premise of embroidery hooping employing a Melco hat hoop. The half wherever you hoop the hat is thought of as a gage, and a lever is placed on rotating the gage. to start the hooping method, take away the strap from the gauge.
  • Take the backing and cut it within the size you wish to hoop the cap. Currently take a double-sided tape and cut it in finger length and stick it on the edges wherever you’re feeling it’ll be required. The double-sided tape can forestall the frame from moving from the gage. It’ll be secure thanks to placing a cap frame on the gauge and building your embroidery work straightforwardly.
  • Now choose the cap frame regarding your demand, place the cap frame on the gauge, and press/ slap it again and again. attempt to take away clips from the cap frame 1st. currently place the backing on the cap frame and place your cape on the gauge. Fix the cap on the gauge. certify the line on the gauge is within the center of the cap and shut the cap frame’s strap tightly. If a strip of cap frame is lost, it’ll cause the cap to vary its position slightly, which can lead to injury to the cap and embroidery. currently, once the cap frame is being mounted in a very cap. take away the cap with the cap frame from the gauge.

2. sewing On Hat

Place the cap frame on the embroidery machine. certify that the frame is adjusted, specified the needles and unpleasant person are on the left of the cap, and also the operating needle fits within the center of the half to be decorated.
The Cap frame has 3 match points which will slot in the gauge tightly. simply place the frame on the Melco stitching machine’s embroidery gauge and clip the cap frame with the Melco embroidery machine’s gauge.

Now choose the embroidery style from your laptop and re-center it regarding your cap size. should correct the dimensions and placement of the embroidery badge on the pc and so embroider your cap.

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