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How many Google voice can I have one Google Voice number on my telephone?

Google Voice (GV) is a notable cloud telephone service for individuals seeking a virtual number. In any case, sometimes, one virtual telephone number isn’t sufficient. If your business is expanding, or you need to offer clients different numbers for different locations or divisions, you might ponder: How many Google voices can I have? or is one the maximum?

The response isn’t so straightforward as you might think (or trust). You can have more than one Google Voice number — however not using the free service shoppers know best. To set up multiple numbers, you’ll have to complete a few pointless tasks. We’ll go over your options, then provide a superior alternative for business use.

 Google Voice limits every client to a single telephone number

There are two workarounds you can use to get to multiple numbers through the Google Voice application, however the two options accompany a few downsides.

While you can’t have two free How many Google voice can I have? you can get a subsequent telephone number through Google Fiber Phone, a VoIP telephone service that is designed to supplant landlines. To do as such, you’ll have to follow a to some degree complex arrangement process:

  1.       Create your free Google Voice number on
  2.       Set up your Google Fiber Phone number, which begins at $10 each month.
  3.       Within 90 days of setting up your new telephone number on Google Fiber, make a beeline for Google Voice and select “Heritage Google Voice” from the menu.
  4.       From the “Telephones” tab of your Legacy Google Voice settings, tap “Make super durable” close to the GV number you originally made.
  5.       Follow the instructions on your screen to confirm and pay a one-time $20 charge. The main exception to this expense is if you previously ported an existing telephone number to use as your GV number, as you would have proactively paid a charge.

How Much Does google voice cost?

Before you begin using google voice cost, one question you’d presumably like to ask is: “How much do I have to pay to utilize it?” Well, like the vast majority of Google’s services, it isn’t that expensive with regards to cash. However, realize that there are other “costs” associated with it.

Is Google Voice free?

Google Voice is generally allowed to utilize. It costs you no cash to sign up for a record or to claim a Google Voice number. Likewise, calls made through Google Voice to numbers in the United States and Canada are free, with a couple of exceptions. Calls made through Google Voice to elsewhere will cost cash.

In addition, recollect google voice cost that Google makes the vast majority of the cash off its services not through charges and subscriptions, but rather through “big information” advertising – and Google Voice is no exception. Thus, all communication information you make through. Or add to, Google Voice is gathered and handled by Google for their business operations. We simply need to ensure that you’re mindful of this.

Google Voice prices

  •         Calls to certain far off locations in Canada and the United States cost 1₵ U.S. each minute.
  •         Calls to different countries have varying per-minute rates that are dependent on future developments.

You can check this page to see Google Voice’s ongoing rates. Simply click in the case marked “Enter Country You Want to Call” and type for the sake of the country in which you need to contact somebody to see its rate. Or on the other hand, click Show All Rates to see alphabetically-organized tables of countries and their calling rates.

You can likewise click the drop-down menus marked “Cash” and “Billing Country” to change these. If you’re going to call from a specific nation as well as paying in a specific money.

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