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How Much Does A Retainer Cost?

If you’re wondering how much does a retainer cost, you’re not alone! It’s hard to know what to expect when you go to the dentist or orthodontist and they say they’ll be giving you one of these devices. Let’s take some time to explore what retainers are and how much they cost, so that your experience with them will be as pleasant as possible.


How much does a retainer cost?

First, it’s important to note that retainers aren’t all alike. While some orthodontists offer one-size-fits-all retainers (which are not removable and just cover up your braces), others will sell you a retainer customized to fit your mouth. In addition, some custom retainers can be made out of metal or clear plastic, while others need to be acrylic so you can see where your braces are. Your doctor will decide which type is best for you.


Am I going to need retainers?

What do dentists typically tell their patients who need a retainer after braces to expect how much they’ll cost? Often, these patients are told to budget around $1000-$1200. While that figure is based on national averages, it may or may not apply in your case. One factor that can significantly affect retainer prices is whether you get them immediately after braces (called immediate retainers) or months later (called delayed retainers). Immediate retainers are often more expensive because they have to be made using a casting of your teeth that gets sent to a lab for fabrication. If you have immediate retainers, budget accordingly.


What are the types of retainers available today?

Today, orthodontists offer a variety of retainers to improve your teeth’s appearance. The type of retainer you choose will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. For example, does dental insurance cover braces, then a clear plastic retainer may be best suited for you. On the other hand, if you have completely straightened your teeth and want to ensure they stay that way then an invisible retainer may be for you. Either way, finding out how much do retainers cost is easier than ever with Oden Orthodontics! We have years of experience in designing custom-made retainers at affordable prices.


How long do I need to wear my retainer at night

You’ll likely be told to wear your retainer night and day while you’re in treatment. When it comes to how long you need to wear your retainer after your braces come off, that depends on two things: how much of an overbite you have and whether or not you still want to straighten out any other teeth. One of our top orthodontists estimates that adults who have worn their retainers for about 12 hours a day for at least 1 year after getting their braces removed will have only minor crowding—that is, no more than a few millimeters (or 1/16th of an inch) worth of excess space between their front teeth.


When can I stop wearing my retainer during the day

You can stop wearing your retainer while you sleep. It is recommended that you wear your retainer at least 20 hours per day, but don’t wear it more than 23 hours per day or longer than six months. Once your teeth are where they need to be, it is best to get used to not wearing a retainer on a regular basis. If you have trouble remembering to wear it or if you tend to forget things, consider using a schedule or other reminder methods.

Can I sleep in my retainer?

If you wear braces, your orthodontist will likely recommend that you get retainers once your treatment is finished. There are several reasons why they are important: First, they keep your teeth from shifting. While most people know how to take care of their braces properly—brushing and flossing regularly—retainers help ensure that everything stays in place during those first few months after your treatment is over. Second, they prevent accidents due to moving or shifting teeth. It may sound obvious, but with a retainer on your teeth you won’t have to worry about getting hit in the face with a loose tooth during an accident or fight (what could be more embarrassing?). They also prevent scaring from aggressive dental work like fillings and crowns.


Why should I get retainers anyway?

You might be asking, Why should I get a retainer? After all, they are very expensive. However, think of your dental retainer as an investment in your smile. You want to keep that beautiful smile for years to come. And with good oral hygiene and regular cleaning at our office, you can do just that!

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