How to choose a fastener according to size and material

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When it comes to fastener selection both the material and size selection plays a major role in creating an everlasting product with end-to-end finishing. In most cases, a joint held by a fastener has to undergo extreme circumstances that are not favorable for an ordinary fastener. For this, the best industrial fasteners manufacturers company have started manufacturing sturdy fasteners that create a clamping force and prevent separation and movement of the joined parts if external forces are applied.

The most common mistake people do is to oversize the fastener which can lead to a joint with a low clamp loan, high-risk failure, and difficulties in tightening. Below mentioned are the ways through which you can select the correct size of the fastener for your application:

  1. Determine the load
  2. Calculate clamping force
  3. Choose the smallest diameter of the bolt and ensure a tight fit
  4. Choose an effective bolt securing away
  5. Decide the correct way to tighten the bolts

Here are some of the fasteners that are manufacture by the industrial fasteners manufacturers company:

  • Bolts: bolts help to hold two unthreaded parts together. These are the most common type of fasteners.
  • Screws: screws are consider one of the most versatile fasteners that come with ultimate holding capacity. Screws look the same as bolts but it doesn’t need anything to hold them.
  • Nuts: The nut comes with an internal thread that combines with the bolt to combine the components.
  • Washers: Washers are small circle-shaped fasteners and they work between nuts and bolts to serve as important fastening functions.
  • Rivets: Rivets are permanent fasteners that combine different components.

Best Quality Fasteners manufacturers are now manufacturing the fasteners with the help of advanced technology. Technological advancements in the fastener industry are enabling the OEM industry to create long-lasting components that are industrial-friendly.

Here are some of the points that should be consider while choosing the right fastener:

  1. Primary Usage: Before choosing a fastener, ask yourself, “What would be the product’s end-use? and how this fastener will help me to achieve that?”. For example, metal fasteners are ideal for the products that need to be opened and closed frequently, like a car door or the parts that vibrate, like the bonnet of the car. On the other hand, a product that doesn’t require frequent interaction may call for an inexpensive alternative like plastic.
  2. Specifications: Knowing the specifications of the product should be the primary agenda. industrial fasteners manufacturers company in India are customizing the products according to the requirements of the industry. Best Quality Fasteners manufacturers company is helping their buyers to keep a check on their specifications so that they can get the product accordingly.


Choosing the right fastener according to the requirements sometimes becomes a tiring task. If you are looking for Bolt Fastener Manufacturers In India and industrial fasteners manufacturers company. It fulfills the end-to-end fastener requirement specifically for the OEM industry. Super Screws is the best fastener supplier for the OEM industry.The most common mistake people do is to oversize the fastener which can lead to a joint with a low clamp loan, high-risk failure, and difficulties in tightening.

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