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How to Convert EML File to PDF Online with Complete Guide

How to Convert EML File to PDF Online with Manual & EML to PDF Converter, know complete working guide in simple steps.

Are you having necessity to know how to convert EML file to PDF Online & how to get attachment from EML file separately? Then this platform can proof an ultimate solution to do the migration of EML files to PDF. Here, you can get a manual method that helps to get PDF from EML file and an alternative solution that helps to convert EML file to PDF online and also save attachments from EML file separately. So, stay on this blog till the end and utilize solutions; both are useful & helpful in different situations. You can also try both solutions to get PDF from EML files and solve how to get PDF from EML file.

How to Convert EML File to PDF Online with a Manual Method

EML & PDF both file formats are absolutely different from each other because PDF is standard document file format and EML is the single mail format of multiple supported mail clients – Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, eM Client, Windows Mail, DreamMail, etc. PDF is well known document file format and today it is using on all places – schools, hospitals, courts, offices, etc. so there may possibility that EML files users may have requirement to get PDF file from EML format. But the main question arises here that how to convert EML file to PDF Online this task because their direct migration is not possible due to the difference of file format but a manual trick can do it and help to save EML messages to PDF. So follow the given steps, if you want to know the manual method –

  • Firstly, install Thunderbird in your system and also configure it.
  • Then add ImportExport Tools add-ons in it.
  • After that create a new folder in Thunderbird by right clicking on any mailbox >> and select create a folder option.
  • Now select your all saved EML file and saved in the newly created mailbox of Thunderbird by drag & drop method.
  • Now check your all messages in Thunderbird and select few of them for saving in PDF.
  • Right click on it and choose ImportExport Tools option.
  • Then select “Save selected messages” >> PDF options.
  • Finally choose saving path and click on OK button.
  • A confirmation message will appear there that the process will not save attachments. It will only save EML messages to PDF without attachments.

Limitations of this manual method

  • The manual method is absolutely tricky method so it is not a perfect solution.
  • This method is helpful for few mails saving in PDF.
  • It will not save attachments of emails during the process.
  • The manual method is not a simple task so anyone cannot easily follow it.
  • It takes your lots of time and doesn’t provide quick solution.

How to Get PDF from EML File with attachments

If you have no much time and need direct migration of EML files to PDF then you can go with BitVare’s EML to PDF Converter that is a smooth solution and provide safe, quick & perfect migration result. The program has option to solve how to get attachment from EML file separately. It can directly convert unlimited EML files to PDF at once. Using it, you can read & view your all EML files data in multiple modes – content, hex view, raw messages, message header. The software also provides extract option that can save attachments, mail address & phone numbers of emails on your desktop screen.

Download the EML Converter program and know its complete working by free 10 EML messages to PDF migration. So, you can check both solutions and know how to convert EML file to PDF online & how to get PDF from EML file with attachments.


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