How to ensure high-quality business card printing in Australia

When did you last attend a business meeting, and did they hand out a business card to get in touch with you? Have you noticed the content printed on a business card? Here in this blog, we shall go through a refresher course on why business cards are still relevant today and the process of business card printing. How To Ensure Quality Business Card Printing in Australia.

Let be you are an individual freelancer, a small or large business owner, a high profile private entrepreneur, a government employee or an educational institution. Business card design with quality and appearance are sure to have a lasting impact on your customers. Nowadays, everything is digital; some people don’t see the point of handing out business cards anymore but marketing your brand tapping into opportunities has many potentials to grow and connect with people.

Talented designers who create personalized business cards that suits your profile with eye-catching appearances maximize the impact of your business through a business card printing company.

Let’s dive in to understand each element that goes into creation, design, and why business cards are essential for business.

Personalized business cards printing: They say a lot about you

Business cards are usually the first contact with a potential customer. These modest little letterheads are still a centrepiece in the business world. You will be flabbergasted to know that these business cards represent the image of your company you most want to express.

The first line of marketing when it comes to advertising is your business card design. You should ensure to deliver a well-designed business card packed with as much information as possible to be functional, informative and memorable.

To impress your potential clients, we can customize your business cards through choices without overdoing it, such as:

  1. Shapes and sizes
  2. Texture, stock weight and finishes
  3. Exceptional printing finishes
  4. Die-cutting

In the next section, we’ll look at what contents need to be involved in custom business card printing for advertising and networking.

Contents to put on a business card for networking

Remember that your business cards need to be portable, easy to fly away in a pocket or file. The best way to introduce yourself and what you do professionally. Have creative designers on board who helps you constantly with the choice of stock materials and creative designs. You will be recognized and remembered from everyday business cards.

Successful business cards melbourne include the following information:

Personal information:

This is an essential part of any business card, which is non-negotiable. Personal information enables people to learn what to call you, add your good name and the company name of your enterprise.

Company logo:

Usually company place their logo on the left side of the business card design. A branded logo indicates the visual representation of a brand. It gives the audience easy to remember your business and associate with the brand. Logos are a creative piece of design that identifies the business to stand out from the competition.

Job title:

If you want to make the best first impression, you should let the receiver know your core competency. Are you in logistics, marketing, real estate, financial advisor? Etc. Enables them to get you to know better; they might offer you become a hot lead or role in the future.

Tag line:

A catchy phrase is an eye-opener. Depending upon your professional, it can be funny, quirky, or professional. Your quotes never hurt a hook. Company taglines convey your brand identity and message.


Some people think it takes up space, but it is a brilliant way to promote your company and increase your traffic on your website. Nowadays, people use QR codes rather than a website; the machine-readable print makes it attractive to customers to scan it from their pocket.

Communication channels:

Let your recipients know how they can contact you, whether it be through phone, fax or email. Make sure professional phone numbers and email addresses come in handy once they find out about your company interests. Links to online social media platforms help generate engagement.


Professional design tips for effective business card printing

If you haven’t got that card that acts as multitool as brand recognition, advertising, call to action, and contact information that can potentially hand out to customers, you’re missing out on a vast opportunity to grow your business.

Here are some business card design tips for creating effective business cards:

Choose your size:

No matter the size, you always want to consider the bleed area, trim area, and safety line. Depending upon the profession, online business card

printing in Australia adapts to all sizes depending on the country’s standard.

  • European standard: 3.3452.165 in. Oceania standard: 3.542.165 in.
  • North America standard: 3.5*2 in.

Decide the shape:

Business card printing in Melbourne has advanced with die-cutting, which allows you to cut any shape you want and still print the cards in bulk. Creating a business card design explores fun, creative shapes you want to convey at affordable rates. At last, make sure your card fits in a wallet.

Design your logo and other graphics:

Your logo should be the centre of attraction with secondary graphics. Use both sides of the card. One side is dedicated to the logo, and the other showcases the contact information. Feel free to experiment with additional graphics and logo design until you find your taste for your brand identity.

Select your typography:

Typography is divided into three categories: size, font, and colour. It doesn’t matter how creative your font is if no one can read what it says. So, typography is vital to business card designs making text wholly legible concise in little space.

Add necessary text:

Next step is to decide what to put on your business card. Professionals need a postal address to consult face to face, but a freelancer doesn’t require it. So depending upon your profession, you need to give information and retain it.

Consider special finishes:

Now it’s time to give importance to business card printing companies and what they can offer. Special finishes with special effects can go a long-lasting impression. A business card printing company benefits your business card design strategy by including effects like letterpress, embossing, UV coating, foil stamping Etc.

Pick an experienced designer:

A professional designer with the right style and experience can create the perfect card for you. You can search for online business card design in Melbourne, which provides CD duplication and printing services to see if they are a good fit for your brand. A designer with a vibe and style can turn your vision into reality.

Finalize your creative design:

Examine the visual flow of the eye. How does your eye move when you look at the card? An excellent visual flow attracts customers to look again, keeping them interesting. Double-check to make sure all the elements are in the right place. Do the colours clash? Is the text readable? Any elements too close to the edge? Finalize the product and ask the designer to send the file in vector-based PDF format for printing.

Why do business cards still matter?

a. Adds a personal touch and feel.

b. It can help your brand become viral.

c. Business cards act as a direct marketing tool.

d. It helps set the right impression.

e. Encourages sharing across friends, family, and business networks.

f. Personalized business cards are an extension of your brand.

Find the best business card design company in Melbourne, Australia. Our experts in Implant media can help you create brand guidelines, logo designs, colour and font selection with eye-catching details that suit your business image. This manoeuvre to create business card printing takes your company from good to great without taking a bite from your marketing budget.

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