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How To Make Beautiful Fashion Illustration Template

Fashion Design Process

Fashion illustration is a very useful skill and is popular in the fashion industry. This Fashion designers and stylists can quickly sketch ideas and create fashion art. You can be a beginner, professional, or designer in fashion design. VecFashion allows you to get inspired quickly, create as the ideas come in, and speed up the fashion communication process using visual aids.

Fashion Illustrations

Collect Fashion Tips

First, you need to find inspiration. VecFashion Web Clipper allows you to easily collect media while browsing. You can save stunning images, fabric samples, patterns, color schemes, fashion design templates, or fashion cultures.

Create Fashion Figure Templates

Once you have the images, draw basic poses and body parts for your model. For fashion croquis, you can either find them online or trace the bodies of people to make your own. To create multiple templates, you can develop different body types and copy the pages for each one.

Quick Sketches to Express Your Design Ideas

VecFashion offers designers and creatives a complete set of brushes for fashion sketching. Start with the basics of fashion sketching. Use colored pencils to draw a sketch and then add shading. To draw with advanced technologies, you can create your own brushes.

Share Your Fashion Sketch Projects

Export and share your fashion illustration templates as images or PDFs. You can share and even create fashion illustrations with other artists.

Fashion Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

We have received so much online love and so many requests for our fashion illustration tutorials, that we decided to expand the range. A series of video tutorials have been created that demonstrate the many methods for creating professional fashion illustrations with Adobe Illustrator. They are completely free to view, just like all of our tutorials. You don’t need to sign up or subscribe to view them. Just click the video to start!

Fashion illustration is subjective. There are many styles of illustration available. Most are dependent on the individual’s ability and experience. We created a series of tutorials to show you how to illustrate fashion in Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is easy to use and requires no prior knowledge. The pen tool in Adobe Illustrator allows us to source, copy/paste, and trace body and face images from the internet. It produces amazing results when tracing real imagery in a fraction of the time. This allows you to spend more time on your actual garment designs.

We first show you how to illustrate your face. Next, we add skin tone, makeup, and hairstyles, then we illustrate a variety of body poses. We then show you how to combine all these elements, giving you the ability to create hundreds upon hundreds of fashion templates ready for you to make your own garment designs. The course is entirely free and you don’t have to have any previous experience with Adobe Illustrator or freehand drawing.

This course in fashion illustration is intended to complete our courses and answer some questions our followers have been asking over the past months. We hope you find the content interesting and valuable.

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